The Association for Arizona's fuel distribution and convenience store industries.

The Arizona Petroleum Marketers Association’s roots date back to 1967, when Arizona joined the regional group known as the Intermountain Oil Marketers Association (IOMA).
In 1968, Jay Whiting of the Whiting Brothers jobbership served the inaugural term as State Director of IOMA.
In 1970, the Arizona Oil Marketers became a state branch of IOMA and in 1976, Wilford Cardon of Cardon Oil became the first State President of Arizona’s association.
In 1998, the group adopted its current name, the Arizona Petroleum Marketers Association (APMA).  In 2007, APMA separated from the regional group and struck out on its own.
Also in 2007, the APMA Board of Directors created the APMA Scholarship Foundation. To date, the Scholarship Foundation has awarded over $300,000 in scholarships to APMA members’ employees and their children, subject to meeting continued eligibility requirements.  
In 2014, the APMA Board of Directors formed APMA PAC.  It is a state level political action committee that collects and distributes personal contributions to Arizona elected officials.  In its first two years in existence, it raised more than $15,000.  
APMA was formed to foster a cooperative spirit among marketers and distributors, to represent them in their contact with local, state and national governments, to provide information to members about trends, practices, regulations and laws affecting them and to deliver other membership benefit services.  
APMA is also a part of a national federation, the Petroleum Marketers Association of America (PMAA).  PMAA represents forty-six state and regional petroleum marketing trade groups at the national level before federal agencies, Congress and national groups.  
The association is led by a volunteer group of industry Officers and Directors.  Andy Pala, Andrea Martincic, Brian Bailey and Amanda Gray have worked on behalf of APMA member companies as Executive Directors.  
Over the past fifty years, APMA has grown in influence, numbers and stature.   APMA encompasses everything from single station owners to large wholesalers and retailers with transport and retail sectors, as well as all of the diverse companies that touch on the petroleum marketing field.
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