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News Review – May 3

Industry News for May 3, 2017

Menu Labeling Rule Delayed

This week, the FDA released a notice that extends compliance and enforcement of the menu labeling rule until May 7, 2018. FDA enforcement of the menu labeling rule was expected to begin on May 5, 2017. The delay is good news for convenience store owners as it allows more time for Congress or the Administration to correct the onerous requirements.

In the interim rule, FDA explains the delay “enable[s] us to consider how we might further reduce the regulatory burden or increase flexibility while continuing to achieve our regulatory objectives, in keeping with the Administration’s policies.” The delay of the rule is consistent with the executive orders that the President has released that are designed to reduce regulatory burdens.

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News Review – April 13

Industry News for April 13, 2017

Fuels Institute Issues New E85 Analysis 

The Fuels Institute has released an updated analysis of the E85 market, titled Retailing E85: An Analysis of Market Performance, July 2014 – August 2015.  It provides an analysis of the E85 retail market over a 13-month period from 620 retail locations.

Download full report or summary here.

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News Review – March 23

Industry News for March 23, 2017

County Option Fuel Tax Bill Is Dead

APMA-opposed SB 1147, which would have given county voters the ability to raise fuel taxes by up to ten cents per gallon, has been defeated.  The bill was sponsored by LD25 Senator Bob Worsley, who chairs the Senate Transportation and Technology Committee.

The bill was voted down 6-2 in the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee yesterday.  It was not calendared by the House Ways and Means Committee, where it was also assigned.

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News Review – March 2

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News Review – February 17

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News Review – February 3

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News Review – January 6

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News Review – December 21

Industry News for December 21, 2016

Minimum Wage Increase

Following the passage by voters of Proposition 206 last month, Arizona’s minimum wage will increase to $10 per hour on January 1, 2017.

The paid sick time provisions of the proposition will go into effect on July 1, 2017.

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News Review – November 18

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News Review – November 9

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News Alert – October 5

Industry News for October 5, 2016 

Fuel Dispenser Skimmer Alert

This year Arizona has been hit with a wave of credit card skimmers in fuel dispensers.  Compared to 11 skimmers found in 2015, the Weights and Measures Services Division of the Department of Agriculture has found over 60 skimmers through September of 2016.

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News Review – September 29

Industry News for September 29, 2016 

Ethanol Flex Fuel Labeling Requirements  
Earlier this month, the Weights and Measures Services Division rolled out the Ethanol Flex Fuel labeling requirements pursuant to HB 2171.  Learn more here.
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News Review – August 30

Industry News for August 30, 2016

Arizona Primary Day – TODAY

Be sure to get to the polls and cast your vote in the Arizona Primary Election on Tuesday, August 30.  If you are registered with a party, your ballot will be for candidates running in the party.  If you are registered as an Independent, you will have to pick which party’s ballot you will use.

Find more information from the Arizona Secretary of State website.

Congressman Gosar Targeted in Primary Race 

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News Review – August 17

Industry News for August 17, 2016

Weights and Measures Announces Number of Skimmers Found in One Month Surpasses Total Found Last Year   

Twelve skimming devices have been located inside fuel pumps from August 1st to August 12th, more than the 11 skimmers found throughout 2015, according the the Department of Agriculture’s Weights and Measures Services Division.

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News Update – August 5

Industry News for August 5, 2016

Americans with Disabilities Act Lawsuits

Some Arizona convenience store owners are being contacted by plaintiff’s attorneys and told that their store does not meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.  They are being offered a choice – pay up or fight a lawsuit.  Federal legislative changes are needed to change this practice.

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News Update – July 22

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News Update – June 29

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News Update – June 13

Industry News for June 13, 2016

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News Update – June 2

Industry News for June 2, 2016

  • Legislative Update
After 117 days, the Arizona Legislature has adjourned from its regular session.   Overall, APMA had another successful year.  The association gained legislative awareness on its top legislative priority, equalization of the diesel tax.  There will be a legislative study committee over the summer to search for solutions to the two-tiered diesel tax system.

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News Update – May 12

Industry News for May 12, 2016

  • Legislative Update

The Arizona Legislature adjourned sine die, ending this year’s regular session, on Saturday May 7 at 5:45 am.  After passing a $9.6 Billion budget, the Capitol was a whirlwind of activity before the close of session. Over 200 bills are now awaiting action by Governor Ducey.

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News Alert – April 21

Industry News Alert for April 21, 2016

Potential Reimbursement Opportunity for UST Owners and Operators
In 2015, the Arizona legislature enacted House Bill 2636. In sec. 25, the bill established a new process to provide reimbursement for eligible corrective action costs incurred after June 30, 2010 (the application deadline under the former State Assurance Fund (SAF) program).

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News Update – April 7

Industry News for April 7, 2016

Arizona Voluntary Travel ID

The Arizona Department of Transportation has reached out to stakeholders including APMA about the roll out of the voluntary travel ID that is now available for purchase.  These IDs will comply with the federal REAL ID Act and be recognized by airport security and at restricted areas in federal facilities.  However, because Arizona has adopted this program, all Arizona IDs can continue to be used until October 1, 2020. Learn more here.

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  • Legislative Update

Momentum at the Arizona Capitol has slowed this week, as the Governor’s office has indicated it does not want more bills advanced until the budget has been negotiated.

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News Update – March 17

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News Update – January 5

Industry News for January 5, 2016

Year in Review Published by Governor’s Office

Last week, Governor Ducey published an online annual report, summarizing the administrations accomplishments in year one. The report contains updates on Ducey’s priorities, including educational excellence, opportunity for all, balancing the budget and efficient and accessible government.  In addition, a timeline highlights the Governor’s activities and accomplishments on a month by month basis.  Click here to read more.

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News Update – December 15

Industry News for December 15, 2015

ADWM Alternate Decommissioning Plans Reminder

All gasoline dispensing facility owners who have Stage II Vapor Recovery installed at their site were sent information from the Arizona Department of Weights and Measures regarding the two year decommissioning period.  Owners who would like to decommission a site in a different year than the one assigned must submit an Alternate Decommissioning Plan by December 31, 2015. Read more here.

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News Update – December 7

Industry News for December 7, 2015

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  • Governor Ducey spoke to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) on December 2, explaining that cutting regulation and trying to create a business friendly climate are two of this top accomplishments during his first year in office.  Read more here: Ducey Touts Small-Government to Pro-Business US Lawmakers

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News Update – November 20

Industry News for November 20, 2015

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News Update – November 5

Industry News for November 5, 2015

Along with 23 other states, Arizona has filed suit against the Environmental Protection Agency over the federal rule aimed at reducing carbon emissions by 30 percent by 2030. The suit was filed by the Arizona Corporation Commission, who is represented by Arizona’s Attorney General, Mark Brnovich. While the suit requests that the court stay the rule until its legality is determined, ADEQ has been holding workshops since August to develop a state plan to comply with the rule.

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News Update – October 7

Industry News for October 7, 2015

EPA Announces New Ozone Standard 

As required by court order on October 1, the EPA released a new national air quality standard of 70 parts per billion (ppb) for ground-level ozone averaged over an eight hour period.  The last ozone standard was 75 ppb and was set in 2008.  This new standard is expected to put much of Arizona into nonattainment, which will be designated by EPA in 2017 based on data from 2014-16.  EPA says that all of Arizona will come into attainment under the 70 ppb standard without additional air quality controls being implemented. You can review EPA’s map of counties measuring ozone above the 2015 standards here. Stay tuned! 

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News Update – September 11

Industry News Update for September 11, 2015

Governor Ducey Declares September We Card Awareness Month

On August 27, Governor Doug Ducey signed a proclamation declaring September as We Card Awareness Month in Arizona.  The “We Card” Program is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this month.  Read more in the Fall edition of the APMA Fuel Monitor magazine, hitting mailboxes next week.

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News Update – August 14

Industry News for August 14, 2015

Henry Darwin Leaves ADEQ to Work on Governor Ducey’s Staff 

Governor Doug Ducey recently announced that Ted Vogt, his chief of operations, will be leaving the administration to work in the private sector.  Former ADEQ Director Henry Darwin will replace Vogt in the chief of operations position.  ADEQ’s former Deputy Director Misael Cabrera will be appointed as the new ADEQ Director.  According to the Governor’s website, these changes will occur by the end of August.  

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News Update – July 14

Industry News for July 14, 2015

PMAA Weekly Review

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Arizona News: 

NACS News: FDA Delays Menu Labeling Rule until Dec. 2016; Clouds on the Horizon for Vaping Industry; Powerball Odds Are Changing; Mexico Begins Taxing Convenience Foods; More Salaried Workers to Be Eligible for Overtime Pay; The Hidden Cost of Bad Roads; Diesel Prices Falling 

Other News:  Cybersecurity – Preventative Maintenance Is Essential (from AFPM blog)


News Update – June 26

Industry News Update for June 26, 2015

EPA Issues Final UST Regulations 

As reported in PMAA Today this week and PMAA Weekly review today, EPA announced its final UST system testing and inspection regulations on Monday. The rule adopts many of the changes PMAA has been pushing hard for over the past two years. EPA called PMAA immediately prior to the release of the final rule to discuss a few of its provisions.  …more »

News Update – June 17

Industry News for June 17, 2015

Weights and Measures Transfer Update, Rule Input and Hacking Incident 

Weights and Measures Director Andy Tobin recently met with stakeholder associations about the implementation of HB2480, which moves vehicle for hire regulation to ADOT and the remainder of Weights and Measures into a division in the Department of Agriculture.  He asked that industry provide feedback on potential wholesale rule revisions, as all rules will need to be transferred to Ag.   …more »

News Update – June 5

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News Update – May 8

Industry News for May 8, 2015

  • MCAQD Rulemaking Coming Soon

APMA learned this week that Maricopa County’s Air Quality Department is looking to move forward with rulemaking on the following rules this summer:

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News Update – May 1

Industry News for May 1, 2015

  • Fuel Relief Fund in Nepal 

The Fuel Relief Fund (FRF) is deploying to Nepal in the aftermath of the devastation from massive earthquakes there.  FRF Founder Ted Honcharik indicated, “A major problem right now is getting water to the people. Fuel is in high demand and critically needed to deliver water and emergency supplies to all the affected areas”. To contribute towards the humanitarian efforts being conducted by the Fuel Relief Fund in Nepal click here.


News Update – April 17

Industry News for April 17, 2015

  • Plastic Bag Bill Signed into Law

On Monday, April 13, 2015, Governor Doug Ducey signed SB1241 (municipal packaging and energy benchmarking preemption) into law.  APMA teamed up with a number of other industry groups to support this measure which prevents municipalities and counties from enacting packaging bans or fees (like plastic bag bans or fees) that retailers then have to pass along to their customers. Bisbee has a plastic bag fee that will be preempted and Flagstaff, Tempe and Tucson have all been considering such requirements.

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News Update – April 10

Industry News for April 10, 2015

  • UST Bill Signed into Law

During the evening of Thursday, April 9, 2015, Governor Doug Ducey signed HB2636 (UST Program) into law.  This represents the culmination of years of work by the APMA Legislative and UST Committees, our lobbyists and others.  Click here to review the Senate engrossed version of the complete bill language.  Thanks to bill sponsor, Representative Rusty Bowers, who was a critical advocate for this legislation.  APMA will be preparing information for members to learn about the new program and procedures for submitting time barred claims for reimbursement.

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News Update – April 3

Industry News for April 3, 2015

  • Legislative Session and UST Update

Last night around 3:30 am the Arizona Legislative Session adjourned sine die after only 81 days.  This is the shortest session in about 50 years.  APMA will prepare a complete Legislative Wrap Up, but here are a few highlights:

  • HB2636 (UST Program) passed the Senate by a vote of  20-8 around 9:15 am and the House by a vote of 47-12 around 4:00 pm.  It is now awaiting action from Governor Ducey (along with about 145 other bills).  He has ten days to take action by signing or vetoing or else the bill passes into law.  Click here to review the Senate engrossed version of the complete bill language.  Representative Rusty Bowers was a critical advocate for this legislation

…more »

News Update – March 27

Industry News for March 27, 2015

Legislative Update

  • This week, the UST Program bill HB2636 (with full program language) passed through the Senate Rules committee.  APMA, ADEQ, Representative Bowers, Senator Shooter and legislative staff met with insurance industry stakeholders to find workable solutions to the insurance components of the program.  Legislative Council is currently drafting the floor amendment that will encompass those changes.  Once that draft is available, it will be circulated to APMA’s Legislative and UST Committees, Board of Directors and membership.
  • Last week, the Senate Government Committee approved a striker amendment that dismantles the Arizona Department of Weights and Measures between the Departments of Transportation, Environmental Quality and Health Services.  On Thursday, the Governor’s Chief of Operations Ted Vogt held a stakeholder meeting where APMA, WSPA, Food Marketing Alliance, Retailers Association, Cattlemen’s Association and others discussed concerns about the plan.  The departmental changes are currently slated to occur at the end of 2015. Read more here:  Agency Director Andy Tobin Explains Bill to Dissolve Weights & Measures Department (from
  • This week, a striker amendment that would preempt municipal regulation of energy benchmarking and packaging container bans or fees (plastic bag bans) was approved in the House Committee of the Whole.  It will be up for a full House vote next week.  APMA is part of a coalition including Food Marketing Alliance, Retailers Association, Restaurant Association, Multihousing Association, NAIOP (commercial real estate association), and the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, that is supporting this issue.  Read more here: Arizona Bill Would Block Bans on Plastic Bags (from

PMAA Weekly Review

EIA This Week in Petroleum

NACS News: American Fuel Consumption Lowest in a GenerationCDC Includes E-Cigarettes in New Anti-Smoking AdsBetween the MarginsA Step Closer to Meaningful Data Breach LegislationFresh & Easy Shifting to C-Store ModelRicker’s Expands Electric Car ChargingTime for a Company Culture ‘Cleanse’?New PR Toolkit Assists NACS Members with Local Media Coverage

Other News: Shale – This Rock Is Changing the Future (from AFPM blog); Arizona Gas Prices Down $1 from 1 Year Ago (from; Senate Trims Back Gas-Tax Extension (from



News Update – March 20

Industry News for March 20, 2015

PMAA Weekly Review

EIA This Week in Petroleum

Arizona News:  

  • This week, the Senate Government Committee approved a striker amendment that dismantles the Arizona Department of Weights and Measures between the Departments of Transportation, Environmental Quality and Health Services.  Senator Sylvia Allen commented that she will be offering a floor amendment to send some agricultural regulations to the Department of Agriculture as well.  The Governor’s office and recently appointed Director Andy Tobin spoke in favor of the striker at the hearing. The APMA Legislative Committee voted this week to remain neutral on the striker and supportive of the concept, but to request the opportunity for input from the regulated community about how the responsibilities should be split up.  The Governor’s chief of Operations Ted Vogt has already been in communication with APMA, WSPA, AFMA, Retailers Association, Cattlemen’s Association and others about meeting as soon as next week.  The departmental changes are currently slated to occur at the end of 2015.  Read more here: Committee OKs Elimination of Weights and Measures Department, Despite Business Concerns (from – subscription required)
  • Last Sunday, the Arizona Republic ran a story largely critical of APMA’s and the industry’s efforts to reestablish a new UST Program.  Ironically, the article concludes that there is no room in the market for independent fuel retailers without a new program.  Read more here: Gasoline Tax Debate: Corporate Welfare or Necessary Evil? (from; APMA Statement

NACS News: How Fed Policy on Swipe Fees Quashes Market Forces; House Passes Resolution to Stop NLRP Ambush Election Rule; Closing the Consumer Service Gap; How to Define Your Community Impact; NACS Submits Testimony to House on Proposed Data Breach Legislation

Other News: Setting the Facts Straight on Refiners’ Ability to Handle Domestic Crude Oil (from AFPM blog); AFPM Letter to Secretary Foxx on Rail Safety (from AFPM blog)


News Update – March 13

Industry News for March 13, 2015

Arizona Budget Passed and Signed

Lawmakers worked through the night last Friday and into the morning Saturday to pass the budget.  Critics decry the nearly $100M in cuts to state universities and the complete end of state funding for Pima and Maricopa community colleges.  But Governor Ducey calls the budget, which he signed it on Thursday, “fiscally responsible.”  It closes a $1.5B shortfall during the current and upcoming fiscal year.  It remains to be seen how lawmakers will handle the currently pending K-12 funding lawsuit.

Read more: Ducey Signs Historically Lean $9.1B Arizona Budget (from; Ducey Signs $9.1B Arizona Budget Plan that Cuts Spending (from – subscription required) 

PMAA Weekly Review

EIA This Week in Petroleum

NACS Report: Building the Business Case for Produce at Convenience Stores

NACS News: Oregon to Begin Testing Mileage-Based Driver Tax; Retailers Still Behind on PCI ComplianceFDA Provides Updated Guidance on Menu-Labeling Rule; European Parliament Votes to Cap Interchange Fees; Top Regions for Electric Cars; Colorado’s Pioneering Swipe Fee Legislation Defeated; Apple Pay Hit with Fraud; Signs of Spring

Other News: Chamber of Commerce Executives Press Congress on Transportation Bill (from; End the Ethanol Rip-Off (op-ed from; Fact vs. Fiction Bakken Crude Volatility and the WSJ (from AFPM Blog)


News Update – March 6

Industry News for March 6, 2015

Arizona Budget Likely Moving Forward

This week, Governor Ducey and Legislative Leadership reached a budget agreement that largely follows the plan laid out by the Governor in January.  There are several key departures, however, including a reduction in higher education spending (ASU, NAU, UofA lose $104M and Maricopa, Pima and Pinal county community colleges lose all $19M in state funding), an increase in K-12 spending ($102M), a reduction in the state Child Safety Department funding (net loss of $5M), among others, and that the plan adds $52M in forecasted revenues.  The budget passed out of House and Senate Appropriations Committees along party lines during the evening hours of Thursday, March 5.  Questions remain about whether the GOP leadership has the votes to pass the budget through both houses today as is or if some modifications will be made.

Read more: Ducey, GOP Leaders Reach State Budget Accord (from;  Hundreds Protest Education Cuts at Capitol, Budget Hits Snag (from; 8 Things to Know about the Arizona Budget Deal (from; Budget Clears First Hurdle, Now Faces GOP Opposition (from – subscription required)

PMAA Weekly Review

EIA This Week in Petroleum

NACS News:  Americans’ Changing Eating Habits; Senators Push for Repeal of Ethanol Mandate; No Plastic Bag Bans for Georgia; Cash Not Carried; Business Wins in Online Tax Case Decision; Nevada Considers Regulating E-Cigarettes as Tobacco; Card Issuers and Retailers Falling Behind on EMV Adoption;

Other News: Chicken Little, Er, the Biofuel Industry Had a Pretty Good Year (from AFPM blog)


News Update – February 27

Industry News for February 27, 2015

PMAA Weekly Review

EIA This Week in Petroleum

NACS News:  President Obama Vetoes Keystone Pipeline BillUS Would Consume Majority of Crude Oil Transported by Keystone XL PipelineAssessing E85 in the MarketplaceCalifornia Board Proposes Lower Gasoline TaxAmerican Express To Help Retailers Fight FraudIowa Nears Gas Tax IncreaseCounterfeit E-Cigarettes on the Rise

Other NewsThe Blendwall and Rising RINs: Market Problems with the RFS (from AFPM blog); Video: Breaking Up with Fossil Fuels Is Hard to Do (from Environmental Policy Alliance); This is the Real Significance of Obama’s Keystone XL Veto (from; Veto Message to the Senate: S. 1 Keystone XL Pipeline Approval Act (from

News Update – February 20

Industry News for February 20, 2015

PMAA Weekly Review

EIA This Week in Petroleum

Arizona News: 

  • A bill increasing penalties for multiple acts of shoplifting age-restricted materials valued at less than $1,000 (such as alcohol) has passed out of Senate Committee.  This bill, sponsored by Senator Jeff Dial, will continue the first time shoplifting penalty of $500, but raises the penalty for second and subsequent offenses to $1,000 and a felony.
  • EPA’s clean power regulations require Arizona to submit a State Implementation Plan (SIP), which ADEQ currently lacks the legal authority to create.  A Senate Committee approved a striker amendment this week that will allow ADEQ to formulate a SIP, subject to oversight from a  legislative interim committee.  Without submission of a SIP, the state would be subject to a Federal Implementation Plan, overseen by the feds.  The striker preserves the state’s ability to bring a legal challenge to the clean power regs.

NACS News:  Judge Rules Against American Express on Merchant RulesQuickTrip Launches Made-To-Order Menu at Iowa Locations; Refinery Strike Having Minimal Effect on Fuel PricesRetail Customer Satisfaction Down Across Sectors7-Eleven Launches Zero Franchise Fee Initiative

Other NewsImports of Millions of Gallons of Biofuels (from AFPM blog); Fresno: A No-Car Zone Thanks to Ozone? (from AFPM blog)


News Update – February 13

Industry News for February 13, 2015

PMAA Weekly Review

EIA This Week in Petroleum

Arizona News: 

    • A bill maintaining the confidentiality of Arizona lottery winners has passed out of the Senate.  This bill, sponsored by Rep. John Kavanagh, is aimed at protecting big winners and giving them a chance to obtain financial advice and protection.
    • Tomorrow, February 14, marks Arizona Statehood Day.  In 1912, Arizona became the 48th state to join the United States and was the last of the contiguous states to join.
    • Arizona’s Low Gas Prices Likely to Fuel Tourism (from

NACS News:  Millennials Crave Convenience StoresEnergy Policy Coming to CongressConsumers Remain Optimistic, Despite Rising Gas PricesNACS Submits Comments on ACH ProposalA Deeper Dive into EMVShell Introduces New Technology PlatformMore Retailers Investing in the Customer ExperienceGM Confirms Long-Range Bolt EV ProductionSenate Committee Holds Hearing on ‘Ambush Elections’ RuleMerchants Clarify Who Foots the Bill for Data Breaches

Other News: The Questionable Health Data Behind EPA’s Costly New Ozone Rule (from AFPM blog)


News Update – February 6

Industry News for February 6, 2015

ADWM Calls for Industry Input 

Less than two weeks into the new job, ADWM Director Andy Tobin has called for input from the regulated community about how to improve the Department.  Director Tobin is bringing a new vision to the ADWM and is making good on Governor Ducey’s promise to have agency directors take a look at regulations in their area and identify ones we can do without.

…more »

News Update – January 30, 2015

Industry News for January 30, 2015

Next ADWM Director Named 

On Friday, January 23, 2015, Governor Ducey announced that former Arizona Speaker of the House Andy Tobin will be the next Director at the Department of Weights and Measures.  Tobin represented Legislative District 1, including the Prescott and Paulden areas, since 2006 and served as the Speaker from mid-2001 until 2014.  Tobin then ran for Congress in CD1 but lost to incumbent Representative Ann Kirkpatrick.   …more »

News Release – January 29

Press Release – January 29, 2015

Following media requests to the Association and several members, APMA released a statement on Thursday, January 29, 2015, outlining the vital importance for the reinstatement of the Underground Storage Tank/State Assurance Fund program.  Read the complete statement here.

News Update – January 23

Industry News for January 23, 2015

PMAA Weekly Review

EIA This Week in Petroleum

Arizona News: 

    • Governor Ducey released his executive budget proposal last Friday afternoon.  Notably, both House and Senate Leaders and Appropriations Chairs stood with the Governor as he announced his budget plans.  The biggest hits were to universities, the Arizona Commerce Authority and medicaid providers.  If the state loses its school funding battle (currently in settlement negotiations), it would potentially be on the hook for an additional $300M in education spending in addition to any payments going backwards.  Read more:  Governor Unveils Budget Cuts, Limits School Suit Costs (from; Ducey Proposes Cuts, One-Time Sweeps to Balance Budget (from, login required)
    • Governor Ducey also signed his first bill into law last Thursday evening, requiring students to pass a US citizenship exam with at least 60 of 100 points in order to graduate from high school.  Arizona Is First State to Require Citizenship Exam to Graduate from High School (from 

NACS News:  More Evidence of Increasing SUV Sales; Circle K Planning Major Expansion in Middle East; Supreme Court Declines Review of NACS’ Swipe Fees Claim; More States Offering Incentives for Alternative Fuels; C-Stores Embracing Healthy Snacks and Grocery Items; EMV Adoption Is Unrealistic Target for US Merchants, Banks

Other News:  CSP Announces Convenience Top 101 (from; Obama Pledges Cleaner Future in State of the Union (from; America’s Energy Policy: Caution and Candor (from AFPM blog). 


News Update – January 16

Industry News for January 16, 2015

Arizona Legislative Session Underway and State of the State

Monday, January 12 marked the first day of the legislative session.  Governor Ducey gave his State of the State; if you missed it, you can read the transcript here.  The Governor highlighted priorities including government reform, fiscal responsibility and educational improvements.  In line with the Governor’s desire to reduce government regulation and waste, APMA members have suggested two reforms already (1) elimination of the two-tiered diesel tax structure; and (2) consolidation of inspections by ADWM and ADEQ.  If you have other ideas for reforms to make it easier to do business in Arizona, please contact me. …more »

News Update – January 9

Industry News for January 9, 2015

Arizona Legislative Session Opens on Monday 

This past Monday, January 5, Doug Ducey took the oath of office and began his term as Arizona’s 23rd Governor.  His inauguration speech focused on balancing the state budget, expanding education choice, bringing new jobs to the state and “opportunity for all” – a key mantra of his campaign.    All five holders of statewide office were sworn in on Monday, including Michele Reagan as Secretary of State, Mark Brnovich as Attorney General, Jeff DeWit as Treasurer and Diane Douglas as Superintendent of Public Instruction. …more »

News Update – Dec. 19

Industry News for December 19, 2014

PMAA Weekly Review

EIA This Week in Petroleum

Arizona News:  

Martha McSally, Republican challenger in the CD2 race, has defeated Democratic incumbent Representative Ron Barber.  This was the last congressional recount in the nation to be decided.

Governor-elect Ducey has announced four senior staff appointments: Gretchen Martinez will serve as the director for legislative affairs. Sara Mueller will be a senior adviser. Danny Seiden will be deputy chief of staff for external affairs and policy development.  Ted Vogt will be chief of operations in the new administration.

Arizona’s unemployment rate remains at 6.8 percent, when adjusted for temporary seasonal work, according to an Arizona Capitol Times report.  This is one percent above the national average.

Yuma Representative Lisa Otondo (Democrat) has drafted a bill to tax e-cigarrettes at just over $1 per milliliter, which would bring in roughly $6 Million per year in revenue, according to an Arizona Capitol Times report.

Arizona Gas Prices Continue to Drop (from

NACS News:  Gas Prices Have Little Effect on Demand for Car TravelQuikTrip Nabs Fast Company’s Top 50 SpotLabor Board Ruling Gives Unions Leverage2014’s Biggest Consumer Food StoriesStates Increase Incentives for Electric Vehicle Charging StationsEuropean Union Agrees to Cap Card Fees

Other News:  AFPM’s Naughty and Nice List (from AFPM blog)

News Update – Dec. 12

Industry News for December 12, 2014

Arizona Minimum Wage Increase on January 1, 2015 

In 2006, the Arizona voters approved Proposition 202, referred to as the “Raise the Arizona Minimum Wage for Working Arizonans Act.” The Industrial Commission of Arizona was given the authority to enforce and implement the Act.  On January 1, 2014, Arizona’s minimum wage became $7.90 per hour.

On January 1, 2015, Arizona’s minimum wage becomes $8.05 per hour. Every employer covered under the Act will then be required to pay each employee wages not less than this amount.  More information available here

Twenty-one states will increase their minimum wage rates around the first of this year: Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, Washington and West Virginia.

PMAA Weekly Review

EIA This Week in Petroleum

Arizona News:  

Arizona’s increase campaign contribution limits added $8.6Million from individual contributors alone (not PACs, not clean elections funds, not candidates’ personal contributions to their campaigns) to the 2014 election, according to an Arizona Capitol Times story.

The class of the 2015 Legislature includes 21 freshman (though four are past Legislators whoa re returning to the Capitol after absences). 

The CD2 recount continues.  Final results are expected next week.  McSally leads Barber by 161 votes.

NACS News:  Interest in Alternative Fuel Vehicles Declines with Gas Prices; Business Predictions for 2015Top 10 Trends for Specialty Food RevealedNew Jersey Office of Weights and Measures Bans 19 Motor Oil Products; Merchants Respond to Credit Union Report; EIA Energy Outlook Predicts Lower than Average Prices; Still No Date for Final RFS Rule;  Northern California Opens First Retail Hydrogen Station

Other News:  The Tax That Dare Not Be Hiked (from The Atlantic); The US Oil Export Question (from AFPM blog); EPA’s RFS Evasion (from AFPM blog); Scuppering US Refineries: Why the Jones Act No Longer Applies (from AFPM blog)


News Update – Dec. 5

Industry News for December 5, 2014

  • EIA This Week in Petroleum
  • Arizona News:  
    • This week Governor-elect Doug Ducey announced that former House Speaker Kirk Adams will serve as Chief of Staff.
    • According to an Arizona Capitol Times report, Office of Strategic Planning and Budget Director John Arnold will be moving to the Board of Regents once Governor Brewer leaves office.
    • The Joint Legislative Budget Committee released a report saying that a tax on e-cigarrettes could bring in $6 Million per year in new tax revenue, if taxed at the same ratio as the current $2/pack tax on cigarettes.  Arizona E-Cig Tax Could Bring in $6M a Year.  It seems unlikely that such a new tax would be supported by the Legislature or Governor-elect.  
    • The Arizona Supreme Court denied a collection of Pima and Cochise County voters request to delay a recount in the Second Congressional District recount pitting incumbent Representative Ron Barber against Republican challenger Martha McSally.  McSally won the election with a slim 161-vote margin, triggering an automatic recount.


News Update – Nov. 26


News for November 26, 2014

PMAA Weekly Review

EIA This Week in Petroleum

NACS News:  EPA Delays 2014 Renewable Fuel Standard; FDA Finalizes Menu Labeling Rules Affecting Convenience StoresHouse Republicans File Lawsuit Against President Obama; Battle for Stomach Share Continues

Other News:  Arizona E-Cigarette Tax Could Bring in $6M a Year (from;  New Calorie Labeling Rules Hailed by Restaurants, Panned by Grocers (from Associations Now) 


News Update – Nov. 21

Industry News for November 21, 2014

PMAA Weekly Review

EIA This Week in Petroleum

Arizona News:  

    • This week, the Secret Science Reform Act (HR4012), sponsored by Arizona Representative David Schweikert (R -CD6), passed the House of Representatives.  This legislation would prevent EPA from proposing regulations based on science that is not transparent or reproducible. 
    • Recently reelected to a second term, CD9 Representative Kyrsten Sinema has been appointed as chief deputy whip, a Democratic leadership role.  
    • Governor-elect Ducey has acknowledged the difficulty of the budget situation that will await him when he takes office, according to an Arizona Capitol Times story this week.  Ducey named seven people to a budget study committee, including three past or present staffers of Governor Brewer’s administration.

    …more »

    News Update – Nov. 14

    Industry News for November 14, 2014 

    ADWM Biofuels and General Fuel Quality Workshop and Proposed Rules  

    ADWM has distributed proposed rules as discussed in the Biofuels Stakeholder sessions that occurred in July and August.  This includes proposed revisions to portions of Arizona Administrative Code Title 20 regarding requirements for producers, blenders, suppliers and motor fuel dispensing facilities for the production, blending, distribution and sale of biofuels.  Additional revisions will update or better align the rules with Handbooks 44, 130 and 133 (2014 editions).  You can access the proposed revisions here.  ADWM will hold a Stakeholder Workshop on Friday, November 21, 2014 at 9:00 am at ADWM Offices (4425 W. Olive Avenue, Suite 134, Glendale, AZ 85302).  The Workshop Notice contains information on the webcast attendance option.   …more »

    News Update – Nov. 7

    Industry News for November 7, 2014 

    2014 Election Results Summary  

    Republican candidates saw big wins both on the national and local level in the midterm elections this week.  In top statewide races, Republicans triumphed: Doug Ducey will be Governor, Michelle Reagan will be Secretary of State and Mark Brnovich will be Attorney General.  Republicans won again in the Corporation Commission races, with Tom Forese and Doug Little besting their opponents.  Arizona Republicans will likely hold their 17-13 majority in the Senate and may increase their majority in the House of Representatives.  Several legislative races remain too close to call, including LD9 and two Southern seats (LD 2 and LD4) typically won by Democrats but may fall to Republicans.   …more »

    News Update – October 31

    Industry News for October 31, 2014 

    PMAA Weekly Review

    At PMAA’s most recent Board and Committee meetings in Las Vegas, there was a discussion concerning federal excise taxes.  Many members held the view that federal excises taxes were paid by the marketer and therefore might be refundable in the case of a customer default or bankruptcy.  PMAA Counsel Al Alfano was present and advised that while marketers (and their customers) bear the tax burden in higher prices, they do not bear the statutory tax obligation.  Contact APMA for a memo clarifying the relevant issues.

    EIA This Week in Petroleum

    Arizona News: ADOT Says Homes to Start Being Appraised Ahead of Proposed South Mountain Freeway Expansion Project (from abc15); Taxing E-Cigarettes: For Sin or Consistency? (opinion from; GOP Chief Sought Info on Republicans Supporting Democrats (from

    NACS News:  Election Day Countdown: Where Do We Stand; Hackers Boost Malware Efforts to Attack RetailersLegislator Gets Crash Course in Convenience RetailingCarmakers Prepare to Shift to Hydrogen Fuel CellsUS Diesel Fuel Demand to Peak in 2015Diesel Vehicle Sales Forecast Are Strong – Are Consumers Ready?NACS Responds to Card Company Attempts to Dominate Mobile Payments; NACS Joins Merchants to Set Record Straight on Cybersecurity and Payments 

    Other News:  In the Case of Curbing GHG Emissions, Think Globally And Not Locally (from AFPM); EIA’s Estimates of Gasoline Sales – How Did It Get So Late So Soon? (from AFPM); Asthma Rates Have Increased While Ozone Levels Have Fallen (from AFPM)

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Remember that the daylight savings time observers will be falling back an hour this Saturday  November 1.  

    News Update – October 24

    Industry News for October 24, 2014

    ADEQ Announces UST Stakeholder Session #3

    ADEQ has set a third stakeholder meeting on the potential new UST Program, focusing on different program options.  The session will be Thursday, November 6, 2014 from 10 am – 12 noon at ADEQ Offices (1110 W. Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85007, Room 3175).  Additional information about the first two stakeholder meetings, including the actuarial findings, is available here.  APMA will be there and circulate a meeting summary to members.

    PMAA Weekly Review

    EIA This Week in Petroleum

    Arizona News: Early voting is underway!  Be sure to send in your early ballot or plan to go to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 4.  APMA’s full list of endorsements are available here.  This is a critical election for our state and will have a big effect on industry legislative priorities.

    NACS News:  AMEX to Provide Assistance for Merchant EMV AdoptionNACS Applauds White House Initiative to Require PIN Technology on Credit Transactions; New UK MasterCard Will Come with Fingerprint Scanner; No One Happy with the State of Swipe Fees; Is ApplePay a Retailer’s Best Friend?; San Francisco to Require Carbon Labels at Gas Pumps; Chevron Joining ApplePay Network

    Other News:  Open Letter to Proctor & Gamble on Cellulosic Ethanol (from AFPM)

    News Update – Oct. 17

    Industry News for

    October 17, 2014 

    PMAA Weekly Review

    EIA This Week in Petroleum

    Arizona News: Arizona’s Jobless Rate Falls to 6.9 Percent;  Judge to Hear Arguments over Arizona ID Theft Laws

    NACS News:  Independent Gas Stations Diversify to Fight Profit Slump; We Make a Difference in People’s Lives, Says New NACS Chairman Steve Loehr; When It Comes to Loyalty, Agree to Disagree; Diesel Sales on the Upswing; Merchants Get the Short End of the Stick on Card FeesWhat Product Is “Coolest” of them All? 

    Other News:  California Poised to Launch GHG Cap-and-Trade Expansion with Major Design Flaws (from WSPA); Will Big Brother Soon Track Your Car for Tax Purposes? (from BNA); Setting the Record Straight – US Refineries Quickly Adjusting to a Changing US Crude Supply (from AFPM); The Jones Act – Backward Thinking (from AFPM)

    News Update – Oct. 10

    Industry News for October 10, 2014

    PMAA Weekly Review

    EIA This Week in Petroleum

    Arizona News:  A meeting with state budget analysts and policymakers this week confirmed the desperate ongoing situation with Arizona’s budget, according to an Arizona Capitol Times story.  Because of the court ruling to reset the K-12 inflationary funding level and revenue growth falling below forecasted levels, Arizona could face a $520 Million deficit in this fiscal year and another $1 Billion deficit in the next fiscal year.  And if there’s no settlement with the schools as to the back payments of funding, the problem could be even larger.  

    EPA News:  New Report – US Fuel Economy Reaches All-Time High

    NACS News: Some Retailers Balking at Pump Upgrade for EMV Cards; Consumer Optimism Holds Steady – But Will It Translate to Spending?; Ethanol Prices Decline as Supplies Increase; Retailers Need to Stay on Top of Commerce Trends

    Other News: Healthy By Example: Trucking Execs Are Promoting Well-being (from Associations Now)

    News Update – Oct. 3

    Industry News for October 3, 2014

    PMAA Weekly Review

    EIA This Week in Petroleum

    Arizona News:  The US Supreme Court this week agreed to hear an Arizona redistricting case that challenges the work of the voter-created Independent Redistricting Commission.  It is also possible that the USSC may not reach the ultimate issue, but instead resolve the case on procedural grounds (whether the Legislature had standing to file suit).

    NACS News: Oil Prices Stay Weak as Supply Overwhelms Demand; Debit Card Reform Making Major Economic ImpactNACS Files Comments on Proposal to Relax Tribal Recognition Rules; California Measure First to Eliminate Plastic Bags Statewide; California Governor Vetoes Bill Expanding Franchisee Rights; You Are What You Tweet

    Other News: Energy Regulations Should Promote Economic Efficiency (from AFPM); Unemployment Rate Falls Below 6 Percent for the First Time since ’08 (from Inc.)

    News Update – Sept. 26

    Industry News for Sept. 26, 2014

    September is We Card Awareness Month

    Throughout this month, APMA encourages all retailers to continue successfully identifying and preventing age-restricted product sales to minors.  Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements of retailers demand the “carding” of every under 27-year old customer for cigarettes, cigarette tobacco, smokeless tobacco or roll-your-own tobacco.  Since 2010 FDA has completed more than 300,000 retail compliance checks to see if retailers are asking for ID of customers under 27 years old and rejecting those underage purchase attempts.  Furthermore, Arizona retailers have had over 3,600 compliance checks, since FDA starting doing compliance checks and that number will only increase.

    APMA strongly encourages retailers to train or re-train employees on compliance with FDA’s requirements through We Card’s program (learn more at or another appropriate program.

    PMAA Weekly Review

    EIA This Week in Petroleum

    NACS News: Could Home Depot Have Prevented Massive Breach?Fuel Retailers Lost $250 M Last Year to FraudSenator Durbin Says Swipe Fees Are Too HighConsumers Will Drive the Future of Fuels40-Hours Means Full-Time… Or Does It?Report Shows Banks Profit as Much as 445% on Swipe Fees

    Other News: Transportation Industry Speaks Out Against TEA; California Governor Brown signed a CIOMA-supported ten year extension to their state’s UST Program yesterday.

    News Update – Sept. 19

    Industry News for Sept. 19, 2014

    PMAA Weekly Review

    EIA This Week in Petroleum

    NACS News: Deadline Imminent for Retailers Who Participate in SNAP; Toyota Unveils New Hydrogen Fuel Cell VehicleSix Steps for Retailers to Improve Data Security; The What, Why and How of Beacon Technology; TX Natural Gas Fueling Stations Up by 50 Percent; Gas Prices Keep Falling Thanks to Oil Surplus; FDA Raises Maximum Fine by 10% for Tobacco Sales to Minors; FDA Hosts Public Workshop on E-Cigs

    Other News: With Turmoil Roiling Abroad, Why Aren’t Oil Prices Bubbling Up?; US Fuel Exports Reach Record for August, API Reports; Keystone XL Pipeline – Six Years in the Making and the US Is Still Waiting

    News Update – Sept. 12

    Industry News for Sept. 12, 2014 

    PMAA Weekly Review

    EIA This Week in Petroleum

    Arizona News:  Gubernatorial candidates Doug Ducey and Fred DuVal faced off in their first debate this week.  An Arizona Capitol Times story was critical that the candidates “were short on details about what they would do about some of the biggest issues they’d face.”

    NACS News: Demand for Electric, Hybrid Cars Remains Static; Researchers Call E-Cigarette Critics AlarmistsAs Gas Prices Fall, Consumer Optimism SurgesHome Depot Data Breach Could Be Largest EverGasoline Use Up Two Billion Gallons in Past 10 MonthsCybersecurity Security Summit Addresses Threats and SolutionsNew Weapon to Fight Credit Card Fraud at the Gas StationTomorrow’s Fuels and Vehicles: Sustainable Market Opportunities

    AFPM News:  The Realities of Unrealistic Regulation: Governors Push Back on EPA OverreachHere’s Why We’re Mad – EPA Backtracks on Its Own Risk Assessment 

    Highway Users News:  Federal Highway Administration Report: Traffic Volume at Its Highest since 2008

    News Update – September 5

    Industry News for Sept. 5, 2014 

    PMAA Weekly Review

    EIA This Week in Petroleum

    Arizona News:  Former opponents Ken Bennett, Christine Jones, Scott Smith and Andrew Thomas have all endorsed Republican nominee Doug Ducey in his race against Democrat Fred DuVal for Governor.  Moderate Republicans who sided with Governor Brewer on the Medicaid debate retained their seats through sometimes tough primary races from Tea Party challengers, while moderate challengers supported by the Governor were less successful.  On the whole, the Arizona Legislature will likely take a step to the right on the political spectrum next session, according to one Arizona Capitol Times story this week.  Arizona Speaker of the House Andy Tobin will be the congressional district one nominee for the Republican Party, after Gary Kiehne conceded this week.  Tobin will face incumbent Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick in the general election. 

    California News:  According to a CIOMA News Brief distributed this week, a CIOMA-supported bill to delay implementation of the CARB Fuels Under the Cap Program was killed in committee during this last week of the California legislative session.  CIOMA’s Fed Up at the Pump campaign continues to raise public awareness about this hidden gas tax that will hit California drivers on January 1, 2015. California Lawmakers Approve Statewide Ban on Plastic Bags

    NACS News: CVS Now Tobacco-Free and RebrandedHome Depot May Be Latest Data Breach Victim; We Card Preps Retailers for New Requirements; Circle K Breaks Ground on Flagship Location

    Inc. Industry Report: Why Gas Station Margins Are Razor Thin

    News Update – August 29

    Industry News for August 29, 2014 

    Arizona Primary Election Outcomes

    Tuesday’s primary elections saw a sometimes crowded Republican field narrowed.  With television commercials airing already, Republican Doug Ducey will face off against Democrat Fred Duval for the Governor’s office in the November general election.  Other Republican statewide primaries yielded upsets, including Mark Brnovich defeating current Attorney General Tom Horne and Diane Douglas defeating current Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal.  Brnovich will take on Democrat Felicia Rotinelli and Douglas will face Democrat David Garcia in the general.  Michele Reagan topped Justin Pierce and Wil Cardon in the Republican Secretary of State primary.  Reagan faces Democrat Terry Goddard in November.

    …more »

    News Update – August 22

    Industry News for August 22, 2014 

    PMAA Weekly Review

    EIA This Week in Petroleum

    Arizona News:  Arizona Horizon featured segments on E-Cigarette Smoking Bans (click here) and a new ASU study on Phoenix Metro Air Quality (click here) this week.  

    California News: According to a CIOMA Report this week, California is at a critical juncture to pass a 10 year continuation of their UST program, including a continuation of the 2 cents per gallon funding mechanism.  SB 445 is making its way through the Assembly and then will return back to the Senate.  CIOMA members are being called on to contact their legislators in support of the bill.

    NACS News: NACS Asks Supreme Court to Hear Debt Swipe Fee Appeal; Uber Prepares to Launch ‘Corner Store’ Service; Couche-Tard Considers Minority Stake in Sinopec; More than Talk the Walk, When It Comes to Healthy Eating; Banks Are Profiting from Everything We Buy; Target Data Breach Strains Q2 Earnings 

    Highway Users News: Traffic Deaths Drop 4% in First 6 Months, National Safety Council EstimatesOpinion: Fuel Tax Increase Paves a Better Road

    Fuels Institute Report: Consumers and Alternative Fuels: Economics Are Top of Mind

    News Update – August 15

    Industry News for August 15, 2014 

    APMA PAC Is Up and Running!

    This week, APMA launched APMA PAC – a political action committee that will increase the association’s political presence at the Arizona Capitol.  

    APMA PAC funds go directly to campaigns of candidates who are supportive of the issues and philosophy of our industry.  Please consider making a personal contribution and your PAC dollars will reap valuable rewards for your company.  APMA PAC can accept personal checks or personal credit card payments – Learn More Here.

    PMAA Weekly Review

    EIA This Week in Petroleum

    …more »

    News Update – August 8

    Industry News for August 8, 2014 

    ADWM Stakeholder Meeting on Decommissioning Stage II Summary

    On Wednesday, August 6, 2014 from 1 – 4 pm, ADWM held its first pre-rule making workshop on planning the process and procedures to decommission Stage II Vapor Recovery Systems in the state, as required by HB2128 (passed during the 2014 legislative session and supported by APMA).  Per that law, and subject to EPA SIP approval, decommissioning will occur between October 1, 2016 – September 30, 2018.  The meeting was well attended, with retailers, equipment sellers, regulators, contractors and more in attendance or appearing by web conference.  For more information, contact APMA.

    PMAA Weekly Review

    EIA This Week in Petroleum

    Arizona News:  Early primary voting is ongoing.  Primary election day is August 26.  Check out how APMA’s lobbyists at Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck are reading the campaigns with their Review of the Statewide Primary Races.  

    NACS News: UC Davis Study Offers New Insights on BiofuelsState Lotteries Nationwide Trying to Attract Young PlayersWhy Gas Station Margins are Razor ThinMenu Labeling a Bad Fit for C-Stores

    Highway Users News:  Ending Crisis for Now, Highway Trust Fund Fix Goes to ObamaHouse, Senate Send $10.8B Highway Trust Fund Fix to President

    Industry Report – Why Gas Station Margins Are Razor Thin

    News Update – August 1

    Industry News for August 1, 2014 

    PMAA Weekly Review

    EIA This Week in Petroleum

    Arizona News:  Early voting for the primary election began Thursday, July 31.  Primary election day is August 26.  Check out APMA’s Endorsed Candidates and be sure to cast your vote! 

    NACS News: Ruling Makes Franchisors Liable for Labor Practices of FranchiseesNJ Pilot/Subway Employees Vote to UnionizeBMW Launches Fast-Charging Station for EVsHydrogen Could be Easier to Integrate than You Think; Alimentation Couche-Tard Acquires 55 Midwest Stores; Optimizing Foodservice Supply Chains; EPA Extends Deadlines for RFS; Fuel Prices Down for Fourth Straight Week

    Highway Users News:  

    • An amendment offered by Utah Senator Mike Lee to reduced the federal fuel taxes by 80% and dismantle the federal highway program failed 28-69.  The amendment won the votes of both Arizona’s senators.
    • Highway Funding Bill Clears Congress

    News Update – July 25

    Industry News for July 25, 2014 

    PMAA Weekly Review

    EIA This Week in Petroleum

    Arizona News:  

    • According to a study issued this week by the Arizona PIRG, Arizonans are driving less in recent years, opting to walk or use public transportation.  The study can be found here.  
    • Thursday, July 24 was the general effective date for legislation passed during the 2014 legislative session.  More than 200 new laws hit the books, except for those with an emergency clause or a delayed implementation date.

    California News:  A CIOMA Report out this week indicates that major progress has been made on the future of that state’s UST Program (currently sunsetting Dec. 31, 2015).  They have been in talks with legislators and staff over the past months and hope to see a bill signed into law before their legislative session ends in August.  Among other provisions, the program would continue the 2-cent per gallon fee for 10 years, require removal of single walled tanks by 2026 (current language requires removal by 2020), adjust maximum claim amount to $1 Million (from current cap of $1.5 Million), require independent audit of the program every 5 years.

    NACS News: Hydrogen Cars Are Here – Now What?; NACS Refutes Claim that Debit Is Cheaper than Cash; Appeals Courts Rule on Obamacare; June Consumer Inflation Rises on High Gasoline Prices; Mixed Reactions to Kentucky’s Government-Run Gas Station; DOT Proposes Strict Oil-Train Safety Rules

    Highway Users News:  Republicans and Democrats Embrace ‘Pension Smoothing’ Budget Gimmick to Fund Highway Projects; Report: Rural Roads Suffering from Poor Conditions, High Fatality Rates; At Closed Bridge, Obama Announces New Plan to Attract Private Funding for Transportation

    News Update – July 18

    Industry News for July 18, 2014

    Upcoming Stakeholder Meetings at ADWM
    ADWM will be holding a workshop to discuss implementation of the biofuels rules and get feedback from interested stakeholders to evaluate if updates to the rules may be warranted.  The Meeting will be Thursday, July 31, 2014 from 9 – 12 pm.  Additional details are forthcoming.  To receive updates on future Biofuels information, email Michelle Wilson to be added to the Biofuels Stakeholder List.

    ADWM announced that it will hold a stakeholder workshop to discussed proposed rules for decommissioning Stage II Vapor Recovery and implementation of rules for Stage I vapor recovery equipment as required by HB2128. The Meeting will be Wednesday, August 6, 2014 from 1 – 4 pm at ADWM’s offices (4425 W Olive Ave., Suite 134, Glendale, AZ 85302).  Mark your calendars!  APMA will attend and report back.  Please contact APMA in advance of the meeting with proposals/industry priorities.

    PMAA Weekly Review


    EIA This Week in Petroleum

    Arizona News:  While National Democratic Party leadership thinks that this election cycle presents an opportunity to flip the Arizona Senate to a Democratic majority, Arizona Dems are not so optimistic, according to one Arizona Capitol Times story this week.  To take control of the Senate, Democrats would have to win three districts held by Republicans without losing any seats currently held by Democrats.  

    NACS News: Good News for Retailers: Consumer Optimism Surges; US Clean Diesel Car Sales Increase 25%; Reynolds American to Buy Lorillard for $25 Billion; The Art of Negotiating Lower Credit Card Processing Fees; Nat Gas Station Spurs Economic, Environmental Innovation in NH

    News Update – July 11

    Industry News for July 11, 2014 

    ADWM Announces Stakeholder Meeting on Stage II Removal Rules 
    ADWM has announced that it will hold a stakeholder workshop to discussed proposed rules for decommissioning Stage II Vapor Recovery and implementation of rules for Stage I vapor recovery equipment as required by HB2128. The Meeting will be Wednesday, August 6, 2014 from 1 – 4 pm at ADWM’s offices (4425 W Olive Ave., Suite 134, Glendale, AZ 85302).  Mark your calendars!  APMA will attend and report back.  

    Arizona Driver’s License Changes
    In mid-June, ADOT launched a newly designed Arizona driver’s license including temporary credential and a high-security permanent credential. Check out the linked document from MVD and read more here.  ADOT is looking to get the word out to c-store owners about this change, so please feel free to forward this to non-APMA member customers or colleagues!

    PMAA Weekly Review

    EIA This Week in Petroleum

    California News: According to a CIOMA report this week, efforts to meet on California’s UST Program issues were disrupted by the possibility of a state water bond which did not materialize.  Now, meetings are being set with key stakeholders and staff.  By August, stakeholders must have a proposal to get action during this year’s legislative session.

    NACS News:  Twelve States Plan for Minimum Wage IncreaseOil Prices Expected to Surge due to Iraq ViolenceRoad Projects at a Standstill as Highway Fund Goes BrokeEPA Rule to Alleviate RIN Fraud; Congress Close to a Deal on Highway Trust Fund Extension; 7-Eleven’s Mobile Tie-Ins Extend Freebies – and Buzz; Republican Tax Writers Clear $278 Billion Tax Break for Business

    AFPM News: AFPM Reacts to House Vote on CFATS Legislation

    News Update – July 3

    Industry News for July 3, 2014 

    PMAA Weekly Review

    EIA This Week in Petroleum

    NACS News:  Senate Finance Committee Considers Highway Funding Legislation; Credit Card Skimming Hits Central Florida; GDP Fell and Is Rising AgainGas Prices High, Headed into Holiday

    AFPM News: AFPM Reacts cheap generic cialis to CBO Report on the RFS; Supreme Court Declines Review of Ninth Circuit LCFS Decision

    Highway Users News: Bipartisan Patch Job for Highway Bill Coming Together 


    News Update – June 27

    Industry News for June 27, 2014

    PMAA Weekly Review

    EIA This Week in Petroleum

    NACS News:  Sticker Shock Coming to CA Gas Consumers; US Senate Focuses on E-Cig Marketing to Youth; Quality Service, Not Prices, Creates Loyalty; Comment Period Extended for FDA’s Proposed E-Cig Rules; Who Pays for Security Breaches?; NACS State of the Industry Report of 2013 Data Now Available; Fuel Economy Standards Drive Down Projected Gasoline Use 

    AFPM News: Supreme Court GHG Decision Places Appropriate Limits on EPA; AFPM Reacts to CBO Report on the RFS

    Highway Users News: Lawmaker Looks to Crude Oil Tax, Indexed Diesel Tax for HTF Solution; Corker, Murphy Tee Up Bipartisan Proposal to Increase Gas Tax

    Supreme Court Nibbles at EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Powers

    News Update – June 20

    Industry News for June 20, 2014 

    PMAA Weekly Review

    EIA This Week in Petroleum

    NACS News:  Small Business Expensing Bill Passes US House of RepresentativesFirst Public CNG Station Opens in OregonTesla Eyes Expansion of EV TechnologyStarbucks Partners with ASU for Free Education ProgramSwipe Fees Op-Ed Explains Retailer PerspectiveNACS Responds to Data Security Push by Credit Unions; Everything You Wanted to Know about EMV But Were Afraid to Ask

    California News: According to a June 16 CIOMA News Brief, negotiations on the future of California’s UST Program are making good progress.  Leadership has expressed willingness to compromise (including modifying certain provisions that industry has identified as “killer”) to create a consensus outcome.  Meetings will continue into July to finalize program details with the goal of enacting statutory changes this session.

    Highway Users News: DeFazio Says Oil Refinery-Based Tax Could Help Highway Trust FundPoll Finds Support for Higher Gas Taxes to Fund Roads; Highway Users Alliance Supports Federal Gas Tax Proposal 

    Black ISIL Flag Flies over Iraq’s Largest Oil Refinery, Witnesses Say; Oil Prices Hover Near 9-Month Highs as Iraq Desperately Battles Militants over Refinery

    News Update – June 13

    Industry News for June 13, 2014

    PMAA Weekly Review

    NACS News:  CA Bill Mandates EMV Technology for Retailers; May Consumer Spending Shows Healthy Year-Over-Year Growth, Keys to Success: Knowing Your Customer Says Couche-Tard’s Bouchard; Chip-Enabled Card Coming to Sam’s Club; FDA Shares Vision for the Future of Tobacco Regulations; Job Openings Return to Pre-Recession Levels 

    California News: According to a June 9 CIOMA News Brief, negotiations are ongoing for changes to the California UST Program.  Amendments proposed by Administration and Senate leadership would, among other things, require removal of all single-walled tanks within 1000 feet of a drinking water well by the end of 2018 and removal of all single-walled tanks in the state by 2020.  CIOMA’s Government Relations Committee and Board have serious concerns about the short time frame for single walled tank removals called for in this proposal and other parts of the proposal.  Industry groups have been working on an alternate proposal for a long term continuation of the program and funding; that proposal was presented to leadership this week and time is of the essence since their legislative deadlines are approaching.  

    Frank Greinke (CEO of SC Fuels) Renewed as Honorary Consul of Georgia

    News Update – June 6

    Industry News for June 6, 2014 

    ADWM Acting Director Named 

    Former Deputy Director Shawn Marquez has been named Acting Director of ADWM following Kevin Tyne’s move to the County Supervisor’s office this week.

    PMAA Weekly Review

    NACS News:  Retailers Want Supreme Court to Hear Swipe Fees Case; EPA Unveils New Carbon Plan; California Approves Warning Labels for Sugary Drinks; Small Business Owners Not Planning New Hires; California, Texas and Florida Lead US in Diesel and Hybrid Vehicles; NACS Files Brief to Protect Retailers’ Rights; Preparing for EMV’s Potential

    Arizona News: ADEQ has accepted proposals for the click UST actuarial study, as recommended by the UST Legislative Study Committee.  ADEQ is planning to review proposals and then select a vendor later this month.  The study should be finalized by October 1, 2014.  The State Implementation Plan (SIP) revision to seek EPA approval of Arizona’s stage II vapor recovery decommissioning has been submitted.  

    World’s First Waste-to-Biofuels Facility Opens in Edmonton

    News Update – May 30

    Industry News for May 30, 2014 

    PMAA Weekly Review

    NACS News:  Circle K and Reay’s Raise Millions for Children’s CharitiesFarm Bill Updates Affect Retailers Participating in SNAPUSDA Answers SNAP-Related QuestionsE15 Coming to MissouriOrganized Retail Crime Still Major Problem for RetailersA Year of Hacking; Eight States to Roll Out Electric Vehicle Plans

    Arizona News: Starting Tuesday down at the Capitol, the Arizona Legislature began a special session focused on restructuring, renaming and retooling Arizona’s child welfare agency.  Yesterday, both Houses voted to create and fund a new Department of Child Safety and their bills received Governor Brewer’s signature.

    California News:  Last week, CIOMA rolled out its Fed Up at the Pump consumer education campaign.  This message targets a new $.15/gallon hidden fee, resulting from the CARB Fuels Under the Cap regulations and is comprised of social media and traditional press components.  Check out their website here.

    News Update – May 16

    Industry News for May 16, 2014

    ADWM Director Kevin Tyne Announces Plans to Leave the Department
    Last week, Director Tyne officially tendered his resignation to Governor Jan Brewer, effective next month.  He will be taking a position as the chief of staff for Maricopa County Supervisor Andy Kunasek.  Tyne previously served as chief of staff for then-Supervisor Brewer.  APMA will report on who will replace Tyne at ADWM once an announcement is made.
    Click here to read more.

    PMAA Weekly Review

    UCLA Professor who Was Ousted after Dustup over CARB Science Gets Trial

    NACS News:  Obama Speech Highlights Highway Funding SqueezeCollege Students Design Hydrogen Fueling StationCoca-Cola Introduces Engaging Package and Powerful Tools for Convenience StoresFrozen Food Makers Launch $30 Million Image CampaignEPA Proposes Updates to Emissions Standards for Refineries 

    AFPM News:  EPA’s Utility NSPS Seeks to Dictate Nation’s Energy PolicyAFPM Report Shows Bakken Crude Characteristics Well Within Safety Standards for Current Rail Car DesignAFPM Responds to EPA Proposal to Update the Toxic Air Pollution Standards for US Refineries

    Highway Users News: Two Reports Detail Highway Trust Fund Problems, Alternatives

    News Update – May 9

    Industry News for May 9, 2014 

    Update from ADEQ Input Meeting on UST Actuarial Study RFP
    APMA actively participated in a stakeholder meeting at ADEQ buy viagra online this Thursday, making suggestions and providing input on the upcoming Underground Storage Tank actuarial study Request for Proposals (RFP).  The meeting was attended by five legislative staffers, as well as APMA’s Executive Director and Lobbyists.  APMA’s list of recommendations seemed very well received; it is anticipated that the RFP will be finalized and released very shortly.

    PMAA Weekly Review

    Arizona News:  Presumptive Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal released his “Arizona is open for business” plan for job growth this Tuesday, according to an Arizona Capitol Times story.  The plan includes a continuation of Governor Brewer’s moratorium on new regulations, also the elimination of unnecessary regulation and screening for bills that include regulatory burdens to determine their impact.  It also focuses on improved K-12 and higher education, expansion of tax credits for development and research and preferential treatment for in-state companies competing for government contracts. 

    WPSA News: Concerns About Fuel Costs Raise Legitimate Issues

    NACS News: California Investing Heavily in HydrogenCongress Seeks to Extend Tax CreditsRetailers (FL) Experience Rash of Skimming IncidentsAppeals Court Rules against Oil Industry in RFS CaseLove’s Travel Stops to Open Fast-Fill CNG Locations along I-40Government to Establish Northeast Gasoline Reserve

    AFPM News:  AFPM Supports Congressional Action on Keystone XL PipelineAFPM Responds to DOE’s Regional Refined Petroleum Product Reserve

    Highway Users News:  Obama Administration Sends $302 Billion Transportation Plan to CongressTraffic Congestion Cost Trucking More than $9.2 Billion Last Year

    News Update – May 2

    Industry News for May 2, 2014 

    Positive News Story about Decrease in Credit Card Skimmers in Arizona 

    Since the 2010 high of at least 30 skimmers found on Arizona gas pumps, the trend has been steadily down wards, according to the AZ Central report.  Only two skimmers were found last year after 1,349 gas pump inspections by the Department of Weights and Measures.  APMA Executive Director quoted briefly in the full article linked below. 

    PMAA Weekly Review

    Gas Prices, Now Near $3.70, May Be Close to 2014 Peak according to USA Today story
    NACS News: Proposed E-Cigarette Rules Would Allow Advertising; Senator Reid Opens Door To Keystone Pipeline VoteUS Oil to Double Projections for CNG StationsPCATS Rebrands to ConexxusOil Industry Pleads for No Changes to Ethanol Blend
    AFPM News:  AFPM Welcomes EPA’s Final Rule to Revise 2013 Cellulosic Standard to Actual Production
    Highway Users News:  On Tuesday morning, the Obama Administration released a four-year $302 billion reauthorization bill proposal, the GROW AMERICA Act, seeking to increase funding for all surface transportation from 2015 to 2018.  While both Houses of Congress already have their own transportation bills in the works, this sets forth the Executive’s priorities including support for more revenue and more spending.  The Highway Users group is reviewing the plan’s cialis potential impacts.

    News Update – April 25

    Industry News for April 25, 2014 

    Arizona Legislative Session Update

    The Arizona Legislature completed its regular session work during the early hours of this Thursday morning.  At 1:45 am, Legislators officially ended the session, sending over fifty additional bills to Governor Brewer’s desk.  This session officially ran 101 days with just over 300 bills passed. It is anticipated that the Governor will call a separate special session of the legislature to specifically address the child protective services issues.

    Governor Brewer has signed HB2128 which provides the statutory framework for decommissioning Stage II vapor recovery systems.  The bill immediately exempts new stations from stage II installation requirements and provides for website removal of stage II at existing stations between October 1, 2016 and September 30, 2018.  The law makes no change to requirements for Stage I vapor recovery systems.  Next, Arizona agencies will submit State Implementation Plan revisions to EPA for approval.  ADWM will develop rules for removal of Stage II equipment, in which APMA will remain highly involved.

    A full legislative recap will be distributed once the Governor signs or vetoes the remaining bills on her desk and once that document is approved by the APMA Legislative Committee.

    Read more here: Arizona Legislature Adjourns after 101 Days

    PMAA Weekly Review

    NACS News: FDA Releases Proposed Rule on Electronic CigarettesTypical Seasonal Factors Contribute to Recent Rise in Gas PriceTravelCenters of America Offers Free Wi-Fi

    AFPM News: AFPM Welcomes EPA’s Final Rule to Revise 2013 Cellulosic Standard to Actual ProductionAFPM Statement on State Department Decision to Delay Keystone XL Pipeline

    Highway Users News:  Highway Trust Fund TickerHazardous Roads Ahead for US Highways

    News Update – April 18

    Industry News for April 18, 2014 

    APMA Scholarship Foundation Golf Tournament 

    We had a fantastic golf outing yesterday at McCormick Ranch Golf Club.  The Tournament raised over $40,000 including yesterday’s raffle and game proceeds!  Thanks to all who sponsored, donated and/or participated!!

    Special thanks to Golf Committee Co-Chairs Bill Champlin and Brian Wiegert (PMMIC) along with Committee Members Jason Davis (Arizona Fuel Distributors), Brian Cook (Horizon Insurance Group), Gene Carroll (Carroll Calibration), Lenora Nelson (Bennett Oil), Casey Elliott (AVI-PHX Insurance), Brandon Hickey (Northwest Pump), and Vallie Dodge (LiquidTitan) for all of their efforts.

    UST Legislation and Arizona State Budget Update

    HB 2708, which redirects the $.01 (penny) per gallon UST tax to the UST assurance account starting January 1, 2015, was signed into law by Governor Brewer last Friday, April 11.  The Governor also signed the other FY 2015 budget bills, making a few line item vetoes.  

    Read more here: Brewer Signs Budget, Uses Veto to Slice out Items

    PMAA Weekly Review

    NACS News: Members of Congress Continue Crusading Against E-Cigarettes; Illinois Retailers Oppose Gas Tax Increase; Retailers Scramble to Stop Heartbleed Bug; Gulf Coast Crude Oil Inventories Reach Record Level; Food Costs Surging

    EPA NEWS: EPA Awards cialis for sale Over $9Million to Universities for Research to Help Predict the Implications of Chemicals on Human Health and the Environment ; EPA Strategic Plan for FY 2014-2018

    Highway Users News:  Boxer and Vitter Have Tentative Deal on Highway Bill

    News Update – April 11

    Industry News for April 11, 2014

    UST Legislation and Arizona State Budget Update

    During continued Budget negotiations behind the scenes last weekend, opponents of redirecting the $.01 (penny) per gallon UST tax away from the state highway fund sought to delay that redirection until the end of the next fiscal year (July 1, 2015).  APMA battled back and negotiated a compromise with assistance from Senate President Andy Biggs.  A final amendment adopted by the budget conference committee on Monday sets the redirection of the penny to the UST assurance account for January 1, 2015.  

    The $9.23 Billion budget has now been approved by both the House and Senate and awaits Governor Brewer’s action.  Insiders expect the Governor to sign the budget bills, though she has not made a move to do so yet.  Arizona Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Glenn Hamer opined, “This is not a perfect budget; no budget is.  But this spending package, passed in a timely manner by the Legislature, will serve our state well. For that our lawmakers and governor deserve a lot of credit.”

    REMINDER about Arizona CBG and 7.0 RVP Transitions

    On May 1, 2014, Area C transitions to Arizona CBG for the summer months.  All product transfer documents after May 1 must indicate Arizona CBG.  Click here for ADWM’s map of Area C.  By June 1, 2014, all product in Area A and Area C must also have an RVP limit of 7.0 at the retail level.   

    Arizona News: Yesterday, Secretary of State Ken Bennett was the first gubernatorial candidate to turn in the signatures he needs to be placed on the ballot and the $5 contributions required to qualify for funding under Arizona’s Clean Elections law.  Bennett is the first candidate to turn in contributions or nominating signatures. Clean Elections provides just over $750,000 in primary funding for the governor’s race and allows candidates to raise about $50,000 as well.  Traditionally funded candidates can begin filing their signatures on April 28.

    PMAA Weekly Review

    NACS News: FDA Ready to Rule on Electronic Cigarettes; High Gas Prices No Longer Fueling a Decline in American Driving; OPIS Analyst Kloza Outlines Industry Challenges; NACS Asks Congress to Support Online Lottery Legislation; GM Puts $449 Million to Develop Electric Cars; EPA Administrator Discusses Renewable Fuel Standard; Companies Will Shell Out $500 Billion to Fix Data Breaches; EIA: Summer Fuels Outlook

    News Update – April 4

    Industry News for April 4, 2014

    UST Legislation and Arizona State Budget Update

    In light of the UST Legislative Study Committee’s need for an actuarial study before a new UST program begins, the APMA Legislative and UST Committees identified the top priority for the 2014 legislative session to be a redirection of the $.01 (penny) per gallon UST Tax to UST purposes, instead of going to the state highway fund, as required in last year’s SB 1080.

    On Tuesday, April 1, the Arizona Senate adopted a floor amendment offered by Senate President Andy Biggs to HB 2708 (one of the budget bills) that would do several things on the UST front.  First, it suspends the transfer of monies from the UST assurance account to the state highway fund.  These revenues will be able to accumulate for about a year (which would be a value of approximately $26 Million) as a new UST program is finalized. The amendment includes legislative intent language saying that the funds must go towards this revised UST program.  Second, it extends ADEQ’s existing red tag authority to failure to maintain financial responsibility (which is already required by law), but only after a 30 day notice and cure period.  The Floor Amendment explanation and bill language are attached.

    Some in the acheter cialis france Governor’s office are opposed to directing the penny away from the highway fund.  The red tag authority provision was a necessary “give” during negotiations between APMA and the Governor’s office in order to achieve our top goal for this session.

    The House of Representatives did not concur in the Senate’s amendments to the budget bills, so they are now headed to a conference committee. The Governor has threatened to veto if certain priorities are not in the budget when sent to her desk, so it remains to be seen what will happen.  APMA will be closely monitoring budget developments and ensuring the UST provisions remain in play.  

    PMAA Weekly Review

    NACS News: Denver Drops Credit Card Swipe Fees; End of Windows XP Support Ups Risk of ATM Cyber Attacks; Convenience Stores Hit Record In-Store Sales in 2013; Congress Passes 40-Hour Legislation; FDA Sends Final Menu-Labeling Rules to White House

    Highway Users News: Boxer: Congress ‘Running out of Time’ on Highway Funding 

    News Update – March 28

    Industry News for March cialis online cheap 28, 2014 

    PMAA Weekly Review

    Arizona News: The state budget action moved to the Arizona House of Representatives this week.  After a week of bargaining, House Republicans approved a $9.24 billion fiscal year 2015 budget plan late Thursday night.  The House-approved budget includes changes from what the Senate passed last week, so it will head back to the Senate for approval before it can go to the Governor’s desk.  It is unclear at this point whether the current version would receive Governor Brewer’s signature or veto.  APMA lobbyists are continuing to work on a budget amendment to redirect the $.01 per gallon UST sales tax back to a UST-related fund, rather than being diverted to the State Highway Fund.  

    NACS Call to Action: NACS Issues Call to Action on Full-Time Employee Legislation

    NACS News: Appeals Court Overturns Debit Rule; Super-sized Gas Stations Fuel Anger of Locals; US Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Ban Online Lottery Sales; NACS releases Compensation Report of 2013 Data; Walmart Sues Visa Over Swipe Fees; Placing Healthier Options in Your Stores

    Highway Users News: DOT Says Highway Trust Fund Cold Face Shortfall by Late July; Tricky Path Ahead for Transportation Funding 

    Houston Oil Spill Investigation Far From Over

    News Update – March 21

    Industry News for March 21, 2014 

    PMAA Weekly Review

    Arizona News: Movement is underway on cialis online cheap the state cialis online 20mg budget; both houses have introduced separate proposals from the Governor’s budget.  The Senate approved a $9.18 billion FY2015 budget yesterday evening with support from Republican lawmakers exclusively.  The Senate plan will still need to pass a vote in the House before heading generic cialis cheap to the Governor’s desk.

    NACS News: Support for NACS Menu-Labeling Efforts Grows; Colorado’s Oil Production Booming; California Gasoline Demand May Drop 9% by 2020; Methanol an Unlikely Fuel Substitute – For Now

    AFPM News:  AFPM Petitions Supreme Court to Review California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard

    Highway Users News: Funding Shortage Could Delay US Road, Rail Projects This Summer 

    Wal-Mart Opens First Walmart to Go Convenience Store

    News Update – March 14

    Industry News for March 14, 2014 

    PMAA Weekly Review

    Arizona News: According to an Arizona Capitol Times story released today, the 2014 Arizona Legislative session might not be as short and sweet as some anticipated.  When session opened, many opined that lawmakers would wrap up close to the 100 day limit.  That is looking less likely as the budget negotiations have not advanced very much yet.   HURF, education and child protective services funding are among to top issues that will have to be addressed.

    NACS News: E85 Retail Fueling Locations Expanding; Retail Employment Down 6,700 in February; Nothing Can Seem to Derail Current Consumer Optimism; Small Employers Should Check Out Small Business Health Care Tax Credit; NACS Meets with USDA on Farm Bill Implementation; Obama to Issue Executive Order on Overtime Pay; NACS Issues Position on E-Cigarette Sales

    AFPM News: AFPM Responds to EPA Tier 3 Rule; AFPM Appreciates DOT Decision to Amend EO on Transport of Crude Oil by Rail

    News Update – March 7

    Industry News for March 7, 2014

    PMAA Weekly Review

    Arizona News: After Arizona Congressman Ed Pastor announced that he will not seek reelection in Arizona Congressional District 7, there have been a number of potential candidates’ names being discussed to fill his seat.  There was some speculation that Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema might run for Pastor’s seat, but according to an Arizona Capitol Times report this week, Sinema has confirmed that she will be running in her current district (CD9) in the upcoming election.

    NACS News: Missouri Governor Pushes E15 PolicyEPA Releases Final Cleaner Fuel, Car StandardsMenu Labeling Pushed Until the End of YearProposed Federal Budget Includes Cigarette Tax HikeUS Senators Call for E-Cig Advertising BanUS Attorney General Urges Data Breach Reporting Law

    News Update – Feb. 28

    Industry News for viagra online overnight February 28, 2014

    UST Legislative Study Committee Meeting Recap 

    At 10:00 this morning, the Underground Storage Tank Legislative Study Committee met for its fourth session.  It reviewed the UST Proposed Framework negotiated between APMA and ADEQ (distributed earlier this week and attached) point by point.  The co-chairs of the Committee felt that, at this time, there were too many unanswered questions to proceed with full recommendations to the Legislature and Governor.  It ultimately voted (1) to authorize ADEQ Director Darwin to commission a third party actuarial study to assess UST liabilities in the state and (2) to set up, through ADEQ, Stakeholder meetings to answer the remaining questions on insurance and other issues.  The APMA Legislative and UST Committees will be meeting soon to debrief and determine how best to proceed.

    One Month Left to Register for Health Care in 2014
    Health insurance companies will NOT be selling individual policies to anyone after March 31st, 2014, unless they have a qualifying event (i.e. marriage, divorce, birth, etc.). This is not referencing the Exchange coverage, but simply just medical policies that any individual can go and purchase on our own from any one of the major carriers.

    For individuals who currently do not have health insurance, either for themselves, their spouses, or have children who are uninsured, who have waived employer-sponsored coverage believing they can buy their own coverage at any time throughout the year – they are mistaken.  This is no longer the case.   The last day to apply for coverage to any carrier is March 31st, 2014.  Otherwise, you (or your uninsured employees) are out of luck until January 1st, 2015 and subject to a penalty over and above that.

    News Update – Feb. 21

    Industry News for buy clomid online Feb. 21, 2014

    PMAA Weekly Review

    NACS News: US Senators Push to Extend Biodiesel Tax CreditNACS publishes Latest Assessment of Fuels MarketCBO Report: Raising Minimum Wage Reduces Jobs, Poverty; Temperatures, Pump Prices Rise TogetherWe Card Helps Retailers Understand FDA RequirementsIndependent website Grocers Embrace Gas Sales

    News Update – Feb. 14

    Industry News for Feb. 14, 2014

    PMAA Weekly Review

    15 Defendants Dismissed from Hot Fuels Cases

    According to reports this week, 16 defendant companies have been dismissed by plaintiffs in the “hot fuel” temperature multi-district litigation. The plaintiffs alleged that the retailers overcharged consumers by selling warm temperature fuel that contains less energy. This marks a significant win for retailers, particularly those in hot weather climates.
    You can read more here: Hot Fuels Cases Reach Cold ConclusionPlaintiffs Agree to Dismiss Claims in ‘Hot’ Fuel Case
    NACS News: Tesla Makes History with Cross Country TrekNew SNAP Provisions Become LawConsumer Optimism Inches UpwardWhite House Tweaks Employer Mandate AgainConcerns that Hinder EMV Smartcard AcceptanceEvening Smartphone Use Leads to Less ProductivityNACS Partners with Trade Groups on Cybersecurity
    Transportation News: Congressional Budget Office Says Transportation Funding Needs $100 Billion TransfusionTranspo Chair Shuster Contends There’s No Political Will for Hiking the Fuel Tax This YearUS Highways ‘A Disaster’ in Need of Gas Tax Increase, Ray LaHood Says

    Industry News – February 7, 2014

    News Update cialis online for Feb. 7, 2014

    PMAA Weekly Review

    The Prescott Daily Courier:  New Process Is Leading the Way to Cleaning Up Groundwater – APMA members Bennett Oil and CalClean featured!

    2014 NACS Retail Fuels Report

    NACS News: State Department Releases Environmental Analysis on Keystone XL PipelineData Breaches Become a Congressional ConcernCongress Passes Farm Bill with SNAP ProvisionsCVS Nixes Tobacco Sales;

    President Obama Briefly Addresses Transportation in State of the Union


    viagra online real

    News Update – January 31, 2014

    Industry buy amoxil online News for Jan. 31, 2014

    PMAA cialis online pills Weekly Review

    Arizona News:  This week the State GOP issued a censure to US Senator John McCain, according to an Arizona Capitol Times story.

    NACS News: FBI to Retailers: Expect More Cyber AttacksHusky Promotes Drive Thru Gas PumpArizona Lottery Reports Strong Mid-Year ResultsNorth Dakota Lawmakers Fight Changes to Ethanol StandardFarm Bill Compromise Contains SNAP Provisions

    Current and Former DOT Chiefs Issue Separate Warnings on Transportation Funding


    News Update – January 17, 2014

    Industry News for Jan. 17, 2014

    Top News:  Arizona 2014 Legislative Session Underway

    Monday, January 13 at noon marked the official beginning of Arizona’s 51st Legislature, 2nd Regular Session.  Shortly thereafter, Governor Jan Brewer gave what is likely to be her last state of the state speech.  She focused on a wide breadth of issues: from education to business, human trafficking to recovery from the recession.  There seemed to be good support and applause from the floor, though the tensions from last session may still present themselves down the road.Last Friday, HollyFrontier again sponsored a table at the Arizona Chamber Legislative Forecast Luncheon.  Attendees included Jami Moore (HollyFrontier), Mike Hardy (HollyFrontier), Lenora Nelson (Bennett Oil), Jason Davis (Arizona Fuel Distributors), James Marker (Western), Chris Lindblom (Senergy) and myself.  We were joined by Beth Hager, ADEQ’s new Director of Public Affairs. Governor Brewer made opening remarks and we heard an interesting debate from the Legislative Leadership.  Thanks to HollyFrontier for their sponsorship!  APMA continues to work diligently on the Arizona UST Program issue.  We are also keeping an eye on a number of other bills, including Stage II Decommissioning (HB2128).  This afternoon, Governor Brewer will release her executive budged for FY15.  As always, if there is a legislative issue facing your business, let APMA know.  You can reach out to Amanda or Legislative Committee Chair Bill Champlin.  We are looking forward to a good session!

    APMA Alerts Arizona Congressional Delegation to RFS Blend Wall Issues
    Following a Call to Action by PMAA staff, APMA sent out a letter to Arizona’s representatives in Washington regarding the RFS Blend Wall.  The letter notes that if EPA does not ease the 2014 mandated volumes, as it proposed to do in a notice of proposed rule making issued in December of 2013, RIN prices will skyrocket and badly distort the gasoline marketplace.
    EPA Proposes to Approve Maricopa County’s Five Percent Plan
    On Wednesday, January 15, 2014, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed to approve the air quality plan that has resulted in Maricopa County achieving compliance with the health based standards for dust, or PM10.  This plan, also known as the PM10 Five Percent Plan because of its reliance upon dust emissions reductions of at least five percent each year between 2007 and 2013, was prepared through a collaborative effort by the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG), Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), Maricopa County Air Quality Department (MCAQD) and numerous stakeholders. The plan was submitted to EPA on May 25, 2012 and includes many of the most stringent dust control measures in the country.Read more here.

    News Update – January 10

    Industry News for Jan. 10, 2014

    Stage II Vapor Recovery Workshop Update

    Last Friday, January 3, 2014, ADWM in conjunction with other Arizona agencies held a stakeholder meeting to provide updates on removal of Stage II Vapor Recovery equipment following EPA’s widespread use determination on Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery (ORVR) systems.  After negotiations with AZ agencies on how to structure the removal, EPA tentatively agreed to allow decommissioning of existing stations after the 2016 ozone season – so decommissioning would begin in October 2016 and run through September 2018.  Once the State Implementation Plan (SIP) revision is approved by EPA, new stations will be exempt from doing Stage II installations.  EPA also wants statutory approval in place before considering the SIP revision, so ADWM is running its bill as an emergency measure this session.  The APMA Board of Directors previously voted to support this removal. The Legislative Committee will review the final bill language once it has been finalized by the Legislative Council.

    Arizona News:  Scott Smith will enter a crowded field of 6 other Republican candidates vying for a spot as Arizona’s next governor according to  Smith will likely step down as Mesa’s Mayor this spring, when he submits the necessary signatures to run according to the report.  The Arizona Capitol Times reported this viagra online cheap week that gubernatorial hopeful Doug Ducey has raised more than $1 Million for his campaign.

    NACS News: Target Data Breach Puts Focus on SecurityEconomic Recovery Pace QuickeningOlder Workers Not Taking Jobs from Young PeopleToyota Moves Up Fuel-Cell Car Launch to 2015Department of Homeland Security Issues Malware Alert


    News Update – January 3

    Industry News for January 3, 2014

    ADWM Stage II here Vapor Recovery Workshop TODAY

    Today at 2:00 pm, the Arizona Department viagra online cheap of Weights and Measures will hold a stakeholder meeting at the offices of ADEQ, Conference room 3175, 1110 W. Washington St, Phoenix, AZ 85007.  There will be an update on the preparation of the State Implementation Plan revision for the removal of the Stage II equipment in the Maricopa Ozone Planning area.  There will also be an update on decommissioning timeframes and the anticipated legislation regarding removal of Stage II systems.

    California News:  CIOMA is reporting that they are making headway towards a 2-year extension of the 2 cent/gallon UST fee as a fast tracked measure in their upcoming legislative session.

    News Update – December

    Industry News for December 20, viagra online pfizer 2013

    Arizona News:  Arizona’s new higher campaign contribution limits (created by HB 2593) will take effect following the Arizona Supreme Court’s decision to lift an injunction earlier this week, according to the Arizona Capitol Times report.  The Court of Appeals had blocked the law from taking effect, but that decision was set aside by the high court. The state’s jobless rate decreased to 7.8% in November from 8.3% in October, according to an Arizona Capitol Times story.  The report credits retail holiday season hiring for the increased number of jobs created, 25,900 last month compared to the historic average of 20,800.

    NACS News: US Oil Production to Reach Record Levels AgainUS Industrial Production Tops Pre-Recession Peak; AMEX Agreement Hurts Customers and Merchants 

    AFPM News: AFPM Statement on EPA’s Announcement of Additional Fraudulent Biodiesel RINS

    Industry News for December 13, 2013

    UST Legislative Study Committee:  This Wednesday, the UST Legislative Study Committee held its third meeting at the House of Representatives.  During the session, Committee Members discussed potential solutions to the UST issues raised in the first two meetings.  Ultimately, Committee Co-Chairs and Members agreed to postpone voting on final recommendations until ADEQ and the industry complete ongoing negotiations on a possible solution.  It is our hope that the committee will hold its final meeting in January, leaving time for legislation to be introduced in the 2014 session.

    Arizona News:  A poll indicates that Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett is the early leader for the Republican primary in the 2014 governor’s race, according to a recent poll described in the Arizona Capitol Times.  However, the majority of respondents indicated that they are still undecided.

    NACS NewsRFS Proposal Challenges Ethanol in GasolineFarm Bill Won’t Get a Vote in 2013Majority of Americans Support Changes to Health Care LawWhat Customers Want in C-Store Foodservice

    AFPM NewsAFPM Testifies at Senate Oversight Hearing on Domestic Renewable Fuels

    Industry News for December 6, 2013

    NACS News: Walmart Ready to Test Convenience Store ConceptThe Modern Gas Station Celebrates 100th AnniversaryObama Administration Delays Small Business Online EnrollmentFDA Releases Responses to Questions on Civil Money PenaltiesNACS Participates in RFS Discussion

    AFPM News: AFPM Responds to EPA Short-Term RFS Fix

    News Update – November

    Industry News for November 22, 2013

    Arizona News:  According to a story in the Arizona Capitol Times, the Arizona jobless viagra online discount rate dropped to 8.2% in October, down .1% from September.  Representative Debbie Lesko has announced that she will challenge Republican incumbent Senator Rick Murphy in LD 21, according to a Arizona Capitol Times report.  In other campaign news, US Representative Ron Barber has decided that he will run for re-election for Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District in 2014.

    California News:  WSPA President on Fracking: Climate Scientists Ignore California’s Energy Realities

    NACS News: NACS Supports Small Merchant ReliefIEA Predicts US Will Lead in Oil Output by 2015EPA Proposes 2014 Renewable Fuel StandardsAlternative Fuel Vehicles to Gain TractionGasoline Prices Close to 2013 LowUtah Lawmakers Propose Raising Tobacco Purchasing AgeNACS Praises New Menu Labeling legislation

    Reminder — Fuel Relief Fund Sends Aid to the Philippines – You can support the relief efforts by donating to the Fuel Relief Fund, which will be providing gas and diesel to aid individuals, other non-profit organizations, clinics, medical groups, etc. for use in generators and vehicles.

    News Update – October 25

    Industry News for October 25, 2013

    Legislative UST Study Committee – the Legislative Study Committee created by SB 1080 will hold its first meeting on Monday, October 28, 2013 at 1:00 pm in House of Representatives Hearing Room 1 at the Arizona Capitol.  The agenda includes the following speakers:  Henry Darwin (ADEQ Director on Overview of UST Program and Proposed Changes to Federal Regulations); Rusty Bowers (Former State Legislator on Overview of Early Laws and Rule Changes); Lenora Nelson (APMA President on Marketing Industry Issues) and Patrick Rounds (PMMIC President and CEO on Overview of Insurance Industry and Claims).

    Industry Update – ADWM Reports Possible Delay in Stage II Decommissioning SIP Revision

    During our recent workshops held at ADEQ on September 5th, and the Arizona Petroleum Marketers Association meeting on September 17th, the Department of Weights and Measures provided updates on the removal of Stage II equipment and submittal of the State Implementation Plan (SIP).

    At that time, we reported the process was on schedule to submit the SIP to the EPA in December, with proposed decommissioning dates of 2014 for new stations, and 2016-2017 for existing stations.  We also discussed at our workshop that EPA indicated that the temporary emissions benefits from a federal gas can rule could be specifically used to offset the temporary emissions increases in 2014-2017 due to the removal of Stage II equipment.

    As you know, the Department of Weights and Measures has pushed for and proposed to begin decommissioning beginning in January 1, 2016. Unfortunately, it appears from the attached letter to our office from the Maricopa Association of Governments that EPA may have an issue with approving decommissioning at that 2016 date.  According to MAG, EPA reevaluated the decision to use the federal gas can rule for emissions offsets and instead suggested the best option may be to push back the decommissioning date to 2017 for existing stations.

    Our department continues to be prepared to begin decommissioning starting in 2016, however, if this becomes impractical or impossible, we have pushed for decommissioning as soon as possible, just as industry has supported.  Last month, in working with various state agencies, we floated an alternative proposal to start this process after the 2016 ozone season, and initial dialogue with the EPA indicates potential support.  We would be interested in your thoughts on this solution.

    In an ongoing effort to keep this process transparent and open, we have included the attached letter from Maricopa Association of Governments which fully describes the options provided by EPA regarding the SIP submittal.

    Also, despite recent delays as a result of the federal government shutdown, the state agencies are continuing our dialogue and discussions with EPA regarding the SIP submittal to EPA for new and existing stations.

    Our Department remains open to all comments from stakeholders on this process.  It is our intent to hold another stakeholder meeting in the near future as more information becomes available to keep stakeholders updated.

    AZ News: Referendum Effort Against HB 2305 Has Enough Signatures to Make the 2014 Ballot – The law that made drastic changes to Arizona election law (HB2305) will appear on the 2014 ballot because enough signatures have been gathered by its opponents.  Thought the final numbers won’t come in until November 4, based on the confirmed signatures already submitted, the law will be decided in the next election, according to The Arizona Capitol Times report on October 23, 2013.

    NACS News: Retailers Hope Low Gas Prices Mean More Spending; API Threatens Lawsuit; Buy Gas Online in Colorado;  Women’s View from the C-Suite; Seven Governors Pledge 3.3 Million Zero Emission Vehicles Operating by 2025;

    Deep Impact: Trade Groups Tally the Cost of Government Shutdown – the US Travel Association estimates that the Federal Shutdown cost $152M per day in the travel industry alone.  Over 16 days, that totals more than $2.4 Billion.

    EPA Awarded $65,000 to Pima County to Reduce Water Pollution, Build Resilience to Climate Change

    News Update – October 18

    Industry News for October 18, 2013

    NACS News: California Embraces Hydrogen Stations; NACS Names Four New Retailers to BOD; NACS Chairman’s Message: “Even More Is Possible”

    AFPM News: AFPM Files Lawsuit Challenging RFS – Petitions EPA to Waive the 2013 Cellulosic Mandate; AFPM Pleased with Supreme Court Decision to Review EPA’s GHG Regulations

    News Update – October 4

    Industry News for October 4, buy viagra today 2013

    NACS News: Debit Card Swipe Fee Reform Lowers Prices; Small Business Lending on the Rise; Opposing Sides to RFS Debate Postulate Positions; Waste Not, Fuel Up: Clean Energy becomes the first commercial distributor of transportation fuel made from waste.

    EPA’s ‘Secret Agent” Con Man Pleads Guilty – Then Pleads the Fifth

    News Update – September 27

    Industry News for September 27, Køb Generic Viagra Danmark 2013

    MCAQD Accepting Public Comments on get generic viagra Draft Enforcement Policies 

    On Wednesday, September 18, Maricopa County Air Quality Department held a workshop on proposed revisions to four enforcement-related policies.  Draft policies available by clicking here.  Public comments will be accepted until Friday, October 4, 2013 at 5:00 pm.  Additional information can be obtained by contacting Jo Crumbaker at 602-506-6705 or

    NACS News: Attorneys Genera Urge FDA to Regulate E-Cigarettes

    News Update – September 20

    Industry News for cialis online September 20, 2013

    MCAQD Accepting Public Comments on Draft Enforcement buy cialis tabs Policies 

    On Wednesday, September 18, Maricopa County Air Quality Department held a workshop on proposed revisions to four enforcement-related policies.  Draft policies available by clicking here.  Public comments will be accepted until Friday, October 4, 2013 at 5:00 pm.  Additional information can be obtained by contacting Jo Crumbaker at 602-506-6705 or

    EPA Announces Settlement with CITGO Petroleum 

    On Thursday, September 19, the EPA announced that CITGO Petroleum Corp. will pay a $737,000 penalty and implement projects to reduce air pollution to resolve alleged violations of the Clean Air Act at its petroleum refining facilities in Lemont, IL and Lake Charles, LA.  CITGO is a refiner and marketer of transportation fuels, lubricants, petrochemicals and other industrial products. CITGO is owned by PDV America, Inc., an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), the national oil company of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The settlement was lodged today in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas and is subject to a 30-day public comment period and final court approval.

    Final Reminder: Healthcare Reform Insurance Exchange Notice 

    Before October 1, 2013, all employers (regardless of size) are required to notify all of their employees (regardless of hours worked or benefits eligibility) about insurance exchanges.  Pursuant to federal law, the notice to inform employees of coverage options must include information regarding the existence of a new Marketplace, contact information and description of the services provided by a Marketplace and other details relating to the insurance exchange.  Notices must be sent via first class mail or electronically to employees who use computers in their daily jobs.  The Department of Labor has developed a Model Notice for employers who offer a health plan to some or all employees and a Model Notice for employers who do not offer a health plan. If you have questions, please contact your benefits representative.

    NACS News: California approves $10 Minimum Wage; SEC Presses Oil Company on ReservesFederal Reserve Maintains Stimulus Effort; California Fuel Standard Upheld

    AFPM News: AFPM Statement on California Low Carbon Fuel Standard Ruling by the Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals

    Many US Bridges Old, Rusty and Rundown

    Industry News for September 13, 20

    NACS News: Consumer Pessimism Continues Its Worrisome Climb; Gasoline Prices Predicted to Rise Slightly; Fuel Efficiency Reaches Record High; NACS Comments at Swipe Fee Fairness HearingValero Urges EPA to Waive Ethanol Mandate

    AFPM News: Statement on EPA Inspector General Report on Monitoring Controls of the Renewable Fuel Standard Program; DOE Office of the Inspector General Finds Multiple Problems with Bioenergy Program

    Industry News for September 6, 2013

    NACS News: U.S. Energy Production Gives Economy Much Needed BoostMenu Labeling Will Be “Rigid, Simplistic, Expansive“; We Card Urges Increased Employee Training 

    Ethanol Group Changes Approach to Lobby the Public

    cialis online

    News Update – August 30

    Industry News for August 30, 2013

    ADWM buy viagra legally Stage II Workshop 

    Arizona Department of Weights and Measures will hold a workshop on Stage II vapor recovery program on Thursday, September 5, 2013 at 2:00 pm at ADEQ Offices, Conference Room 3175, 1110 W. Washington St. Phoenix, AZ 85007.  More information is attached.

    Skimmers Are Still Being Used to Steal Card Information at the Pump

    Even with more news reports on skimming, thieves are still stealing debit and credit card information using devices installed in gas pumps according to a NACS online report.  The story quotes an Arizona Shell station owner, Ahmad Motlagh who found a matchbox sized skimmer attached to the side of the card reader panel.  According to the report, skimming is estimated to cost consumers billions of dollars a year.  Also, sometimes the stolen card numbers are used to purchase large quantities of gas which is then resold.

    Read more: Skimmers Continue to Steal Credit, Debit Card Information

    NACS News: World Petroleum Use Sets Record High in 2012Crude Moves Steadily on Trains, Boats and TrucksAAA: 34.1 Million Traveling for Labor DayUS Delays Approval of Agreements with Plans to be Sold on Exchanges

    News Update – August 23

    Industry News for August 23, 2013

    Love’s Travel Stops Have Paper Heart Campaign to Benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

    Love’s Travel Stops’ annual in store fundraiser runs through September 23.  Employees and customers can donate $1, $5 or $20 via a paper heart icon that will benefit the nearest CMN Hospital to fund vital treatments, equipment, therapy programs and charitable care.  Since 1999, Love’s Travel Stops has raised more than $7 Million through their annual paper heart campaign, as well as other fundraising events like bake sales, cook-offs and other employee-driven events.

    Read more: Love’s Travel Stops ‘Paper Heart’ Campaign

    NACS News: BP Settles Midwestern Bad Gas Lawsuit; Federal Reserve Appeals Swipe Fee Ruling; Consumers Increasingly Pessimistic Heading into the Fall

    Nevada to Consider “Vehicle Miles Traveled” Tax for Road Funding  – Las Vegas Review-Journal

    Crunch Time for Keystone XL – The Hill

    Industry News for August 16, 2013

    NACS News: Supply Surplus Brings US Retail Gas Prices Down; Four Months and Counting: Retail Sales Rise in July; Seven Arrested in California Skimming Sting

    AFPM News: AFPM Files Petition for Partial Waiver of 2014 RFS Volumes

    News Update – August 9

    Industry News for August 9, 2013

    AFPM News Release:  EPA Decision on 2013 RVOs Brings No Immediate Relief, Signals Possible Blendwall Remedy in 2014

    NACS News: EPA Issues Renewable Fuel Requirements for 2013; Short Term Energy Outlook: Oil Demand Strong

    Industry News for August 2, 2013

    California Hot Fuel Case Dismissed

    A federal judge in California threw out three “hot fuel” cases against Chevron Corp. earlier this month.  The judge granted summary judgment on class action claims that consumers had overpaid for fuel that expanded because of temperature.  The judge ruled that California law allows Chevron to sell fuel without making temperature adjustments or disclosing the effect of fuel temperature.

    A number of “hot fuel” cases were consolidated in Kansas federal court for pretrial proceedings but were to be sent back to their state of origin for trial.  Last September in Kansas, another “hot fuel” case ended with a jury verdict in favor of the defendants, QuikTrip, 7-Eleven and Kum & Go.  After that defeat, plaintiffs’ lawyers looked for another trial opportunity in a state with a hotter overall climate than Kansas.  This ruling strikes a blow to hot fuels litigation as a whole but may be appealed.

    Read more: Judge freezes KC firms’ California hot fuel casesChevron Wins ‘Hot Fuel’ Victory

    EPA Updates Oil and Gas Standards for Storage Tanks

    WASHINGTON – Today the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued updates to its April 2012 oil and natural gas standards for storage tanks, which allow responsible oil and natural gas production while ensuring air emissions are reduced as quickly as possible. The updates will phase in emission control deadlines, starting with higher-emitting tanks first, and will provide the time needed to ramp up the production and installation of controls. EPA is making the changes based on information received after the 2012 standards were issued that shows more storage tanks will come online than the agency originally estimated.

    Storage tanks that emit 6 or more tons of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) a year must reduce emissions by 95 percent. Today’s rule establishes two emission control deadlines:

    • tanks that come online after April 12, 2013 are likely to have higher emissions and must control VOC emissions within 60 days or by April 15, 2014, whichever is later; and
    • tanks that came online before April 12, 2013 are likely to have lower emissions and must control VOC emissions by April 15, 2015.

    The updated standards also establish an alternative emissions limit that would allow owners/operators to remove controls from tanks if they can demonstrate that the tanks emit less than 4 tons per year of VOC emissions without controls. In addition, the rule streamlines compliance and monitoring requirements for tanks that have already installed controls.

    The oil and natural gas industry uses tanks for temporary storage of crude oil, condensate and other liquids, before those liquids are moved to a pipeline, sold or moved for disposal. These storage tanks can be sources of emissions of ozone-forming VOCs, along with several toxic air pollutants, including benzene. Today’s final action does not affect the April 2012 standards for capturing natural gas from hydraulically fractured wells.

    Today’s updates respond to petitions for reconsideration of the 2012 New Source Performance Standards for Oil and Natural Gas Production. Those cost-effective standards rely on proven technologies and best practices to reduce emissions of ozone-forming VOCs and air toxics, including benzene and hexane. Exposure to ozone is linked a variety of health effects, including aggravated asthma, reduced lung function and increased susceptibility to respiratory infections, in addition to increased risk of premature death from heart or lung disease. Benzene and hexane are air toxics, which can cause cancer and other serious health effects.

    More information:

    EPA Finalizes 2013 Renewable Fuel Standards 

    EPA also announces steps to address concerns about the E10 blend wall

    WASHINGTON – As part of an ongoing effort to enhance energy security and reduce carbon pollution, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today finalized the 2013 percentage standards for four fuel categories that are part of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program established by Congress. Most of these fuels are produced by American farmers and growers domestically and help reduce the carbon pollution that contributes to climate change.

    The final 2013 overall volumes and standards require 16.55 billion gallons of renewable fuels to be blended into the U.S. fuel supply (a 9.74 percent blend). This standard specifically requires

    • •           Biomass-based diesel (1.28 billion gallons; 1.13 percent)
      •           Advanced biofuels (2.75 billion gallons; 1.62 percent)
      •           Cellulosic biofuels (6.00 million gallons; 0.004 percent)
      These standards reflect EPA’s updated production projections, which are informed by extensive engagement with industry and a thorough assessment of the biofuels market.

      During this rulemaking, EPA received comments from a number of stakeholders concerning the “E10 blend wall.” Projected to occur in 2014, the “E10 blend wall” refers to the difficulty in incorporating ethanol into the fuel supply at volumes exceeding those achieved by the sale of nearly all gasoline as E10. Most gasoline sold in the U.S. today is E10. In the rule issued today, EPA is announcing that it will propose to use flexibilities in the RFS statute to reduce both the advanced biofuel and total renewable volumes in the forthcoming 2014 RFS volume requirement proposal.

      EPA is also providing greater lead time and flexibility in complying with the 2013 volume requirements by extending the deadline to comply with the 2013 standards by four months, to June 30, 2014.

      A January 2013 ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals required the agency to reevaluate projections for cellulosic biofuel to reflect market conditions; the final 2013 standard for cellulosic biofuel announced today was developed in a manner consistent with the approach outlined in that ruling.

      The Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) established the RFS program and the annual renewable fuel volume targets, which steadily increase to an overall level of 36 billion gallons in 2022. To achieve these volumes, EPA calculates a percentage-based standard for the following year. Based on the standard, each refiner and importer determines the minimum volume of renewable fuel that it must ensure is used in its transportation fuel.

      More information on the standards and regulations:
      More information on renewable fuels:

    NACS News: Consumers Began Third Quarter with Renewed Optimism;  NACS Applauds Court Ruling on Debit Fees

    AFPM News: U.S House Votes in Favor of ConsumersAFPM Calls on Congress to Declare the RFS Null and Void

    News Update – July 26

    Industry News for July 26, 2013

    AZ Central: Arizona gas-pump errors uncovered by audit

    NACS: Gas Prices Spike, Oil Speculation Soars

    Industry News for July 19, 2013

    NACS: API launches ad campaign to repeal RFS; Circle K raises $1.2M for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

    AFPM : White House Energy Advisor Zichal gets it wrong on the Renewable Fuel Standard

    Industry News for June 21, 2013

    Quik Mart Co-owner to Speak to Congress about Healthcare Hardships 

    Shelly Little-Gibbons testified before Congress’ Small Business Committee regarding the challenges and rising costs of doing business for this family-run chain of convenience stores.  Little-Gibbons was asked to speak by Representative Ron Barber (AZ-D).  Check out the full story in the Arizona Daily Star.

    Industry News

    News Update for April 24, 2013

    EPA Announces Tier 3 Public Hearing and Comment Period

    Associations Petition Supreme Court about Greenhouse Gas Regulations 


    Industry News

    News Update for April 1, 2013

    EPA Proposes Cleaner Fuels and Cars Standard

    API: EPA’s Tier 3 proposal latest in tsunami of regulations that could raise gasoline manufacturing costs

    Industry News

    News Update for March 25, 2013

    House Committee Examines ‘Blend Wall’ Challenges

    Shuster: Gas tax increases could be included in broad reform package

    Industry News

    News Update for March 5, 2013

    Fed Won’t Lower Swipe Fees

    Report May Ease Path for New Pipeline

    No More Keystone Excuses: Will Obama side with science and jobs, or with green religionists?


    Industry News

    News Update for March 1, 2013

    U.S. Oil Production Tops 7 Million Barrels – Daily oil output has reached the highest amount in 20 years.

    Industry News

    News Update for February 11, 2013

    Luring firms across state lines: When California voters OK’d higher property and income taxes, Arizona and other states saw an opportunity

    Report: Arizona lags most states in election administration

    Industry News

    News Update for January 28, 2013

    States Fuel Gas Tax Debate- From Vermont to Texas, state governments are considering plans that would maintain and expand their transportation infrastructure with or without assistance from a gas tax

    Lowering emissions, raising red flags: The Low Carbon Fuel Standard was intended to reduce California carbon emissions, but it may come with some terrible unintended consequences

    Convenience Store Count Tops 149,000

    Industry News

    News Update for January 2, 2013

    Fiscal crisis deal leaves other battles ahead on debt, spending

    Reaching Deals Is Hard. Here’s Why

    Industry News

    News Update for December 31, 2012

    Lawmakers struggle to produce fiscal deal as ball drop set to ring in tax hikes

    Lawmakers push one-year extension of farm bill in bid to avert spike in milk prices

    Industry News

    News Update for December 18, 2012

    Economists Are Mildly Bullish on 2013

    Boehner to float ‘Plan B’ in case budget talks with Obama fall through

    Industry News

    News Update for November 30, 2012

    API sues EPA over its 2013 biomass-based diesel minimum

    Industry News

    News Update for November 21, 2012

    U.S. to become biggest oil producer – IEA

    Foiled Again! Using tinfoil, thieves interfere with credit-card readers and siphon off large amounts of fuel or store purchases.

    Industry News

    News for November 7, 2012

    Democrats break Republican supermajority at Arizona Legislature

    A Congress divided: GOP holds House, but Dems fend off challenges in Senate


    Industry News

    News Update for October 31, 2012

    Hurricane Sandy Impacts Crude Oil Demand

    Fuel Relief Fund Supplies Fuel to Hurricane Sandy Victims

    Industry News
    News Update for October 19, 2012

    AZ minimum wage going up

    ADOT holding public meeting about possible Phoenix to Las Vegas interstate

    Industry News
    News Update for October 10, 2012

    No easy answer to fixing California’s record gas prices

    Fact check: Oil and natural gas production under Obama

    Industry News
    News Update for Sept. 25, 2012

    Kansas Jury Rules in Favor of Industry in “Hot Gas” Case

    Industry News
    News Update for Sept. 17, 2012

    2013 Biomass-Based Diesel Volume for Renewable Fuel Standard program (RFS2): Final Rulemaking

    30-Year Crystal Ball on Cars: Bill Ford shares what he believes the future of automotive technology could look like in the next three decades.


    Industry News
    News Update for August 28, 2012

    Energy Companies Evacuate Offshore Oil Rigs as Isaac Approaches

    Blast at Venezuela Oil Refinery Kills 39