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Education, Training and Networking

Educational Opportunities 

APMA Monthly Meetings and Annual Conference provide valuable educational content to members.  Here are a few recent topics:

  • Stage II Vapor Recovery Decommissioning
  • Credit and Collections Practices 
  • UST Corrosion Issues 
  • Tax Strategies 
  • Stage I Vapor Recovery Requirements
  • Truckers Against Trafficking
  • OSHA HazComm Rules


Training Opportunities 

In addition to Monthly Meetings, APMA provides members access to other training sessions.  A few recent examples include: 

  • Accident Investigation 
  • Class A and B UST Operator Training 
  • Roadside Inspections
  • Lifting Procedures 

Networking Opportunities 

Throughout the year, APMA offers a variety of networking events for members:

  • Annual Conference and Golf Tournament in the fall 
  • APMA Scholarship Foundation Golf Tournament in the spring
  • APMA PAC fundraisers
  • Monthly Luncheons and Meetings 
  • Committee Meetings (Legislative, UST, Safety, Conference, Golf)



APMA/PMMIC UST Operator Training

APMA/PMMIC UST Operator Training