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APMA 2016-17 Membership Application

APMA exists for one simple, but important reason—there is strength in numbers. By joining the Arizona Petroleum Marketers Association, you will become a part of a nationwide network of marketers. Together, this team of oil jobbers, distributors, wholesalers, and convenience store owners can accomplish so much more than any single member could accomplish individually. We need your support now more than ever to prevent the adverse trend of increasing state and federal regulations. Begin to make your impact today with APMA. Thanks for your support and interest!


What Does APMA Bring to Your Business? 


APMA connects you with industry leaders from all areas of the petroleum marketing industry who are willing to help you grow and adapt your business for even greater success. Become a better leader by surrounding yourself with other industry leaders.


Be involved so your voice and concerns are heard. APMA provides you with access to clarification on state legislation and regulations likely to impact the industry. Join fellow Arizona marketers with visits to Washington, DC, as part of our national association's Day on the Hill. Participate in the active APMA Legislative Committee and help shape our legislative priorities.

Industry Information

APMA members have exclusive access to valuable industry information both on the state and national levels.  This includes daily information online, weekly email updates and quarterly subscription to the Fuel Monitor magazine.


Benefit from focused, membership-driven topics at each monthly membership meeting. Learn from valuable workshops, seminars, and speakers on a variety of industry topics, including safety, finance, legal issues, and human resources at APMA's three-day annual conference. Attend individual safety sessions that address specific petroleum-related risks. There is plenty of time for questions during meetings to allow members to take the information they received and better understand how it applies to their unique business and situation.

What Does APMA Do?

APMA is the only association in Arizona that is 100% dedicated to all aspects of the petroleum marketing industry. The legislative and regulatory issues we constantly monitor include fuel and energy, alcohol and tobacco, transportation, environmental, the state budget and taxes, as well as small business and retail, including relevant rules and regulations.
These are some highlights of APMA's legislative and regulatory accomplishments over the past years:
Underground Storage Tanks: APMA led the charge to establish a new and improved UST program in Arizona.  In 2015, the Arizona Legislature passed and Governor Ducey signed HB2636 which includes continuation of the penny per gallon Underground Storage Tank throughput fee, creation of a new and improved UST Revolving Fund and payment of time barred claims for reimbursement of clean up fees not paid by the old program for qualified owners and operators.    
The new program, which began January 1, 2016, extends the penny UST fee until 2024, creates a preapproval and new reimbursement process for future claims, provides a one-time opportunity for reimbursement of time barred claims, gives owners and operators the option of conducting a baseline assessment on their sites, provides grants for tank pulls, baseline assessments and release investigations and ensures ADEQ is adequately funded to do inspections and clean ups for orphan sites.  
APMA and its members have worked closely with ADEQ on implementation of the new program in the most efficient, lean and customer-friendly manner. APMA drafted this UST Program Brief outlining some main components of the program.  
Partnership with State Agencies: APMA has close working relationships with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), the Department of Transportation (ADOT) and the Division of Weights and Measures (WM) and regularly works with them on a number of industry issues. APMA has participated in stakeholder meetings regarding the transition of Weights and Measures from its own Department into a division within the Department of Agriculture.  APMA participates in annual Strategic Planning meetings with Agriculture and WM leadership.  The association partnered with WM on plans to decommission and remove Stage II vapor recovery equipment. The association worked with ADOT on red dyed diesel compliance, diesel tax equalization and other transportation issues.
Fuel Supply Issues: APMA continues to work with stakeholders and government officials to maximize Arizona's fuel supply and encourage government to develop a more comprehensive and coordinated plan for future supply crunches.  APMA was actively engaged with its membership and state leadership during the 2003 Kinder Morgan pipeline disruption.