Director Report – Skimmers

Skimmers Training and Legislative Changes

It is critical that fueling facilities are vigilant in inspecting for tampering with pumps once every day.

If a skimmer device is found, employees should be trained to do the following immediately:

  1. DO NOT TOUCH the suspected skimming device;
  2. Turn off the fuel dispenser and place it out of service;
  3. Call Weights and Measures (602-771-4920) and local police, as well as the contact point at your company;
  4. Without touching the device, take photographs of it.

It is also helpful to save all video surveillance and print out the last receipt from the dispenser.

APMA has posted a “Data Skimmers in Gasoline Dispensers” presentation from Weights and Measures as a training tool.

In early 2016, Director Mark Killian called together fuel retailers, prosecutors, law enforcement and Weights and Measures staff to address how best to protect Arizona businesses and consumers from skimmer fraud. Nine skimmers were discovered on Arizona gas pumps in the first two months of 2016 compared to just one skimmer during the same timeframe last year, according to Weights and Measures.

Prosecutors and law enforcement recommended several changes to current Arizona criminal statutes to make it easier to prosecute those to blame. A strike everything amendment to SB1294 is working through the legislative process to accomplish those goals. It would increase the penalty for possession of a skimmer device to a class 4 felony and use of a skimmer to a class 3 felony (both from a class 6 felony which can be pled down to a misdemeanor). It would also change the definition of nonresidential burglary to make unauthorized breaking into a fuel pump a crime.