Director Report – #FuelMatters

#FuelMatters – PMAA’s Social Media Campaign 

Recently, the #FuelMatters campaign officially began and PMAA would like to ask you for a little help in jump starting the conversation about motor and heating fuels.

►What is #FuelMatters? #FuelMatters is a social media conversation resource provided to PMAA members. This campaign was created to highlight national fuel and heating oil ​topics and to place them in the social media arena. Our goal is to assist you with participation in social media by providing content each week that can be posted on association, corporate and/or personal social media pages.

►Step #1: Find Us. The first thing we would like you to do is visit the #FuelMatters Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages and like, follow and add us to your social media circles. There are links to each of these pages listed below.



​ Google+:

​►Step #2: Invite Friends​. ​Social media is the most powerful when you reach the largest audience. We need your help in inviting your friends and colleagues to also use #FuelMatters. Here’s how.

On the Facebook #FuelMatters page, look for the “Invite friends to like this Page” icon and then select all of your friends and colleagues to join the conversation.

On Twitter: Create a new Twitter post encouraging your followers to follow @fuel_matters. For example, “Want a great source of info about fuel and heating oil? Follow @fuel_matters #FuelMatters”

On the Google+: Create a new Google+ post encouraging your followers to circle +FuelMatters like this: “Want to join the conversation about US fuel and heating oil? Make sure to add +FuelMatters to your circles! #FuelMatters”​

​►Step #3: Start Sharing. After you have liked these pages and invited friends​, start sharing the posts with friends, followers and circles. We encourage your conversation.

Thank you for your help and we hope to see you out there spreading the word as to why #FuelMatters.