Director Report – 2014 Endorsements

APMA Endorsements for 2014 Legislative Elections

With 2014 elections fast approaching, APMA is pleased to announce our endorsed candidates for state legislative races.  For more information, please contact APMA Executive Director Amanda Gray. 

Endorsements were made by the APMA Board of Directors upon the recommendations of the Legislative and UST Committees.

APMA has endorsed the following candidates for the Arizona Legislature:

LD 1 – Steve Pierce and Karen Fann

LD 4 – Charlene Fernandez, Lynne Pancrazi and Lisa Otondo

LD 5 – Kelli Ward

LD 6 – Chester Crandell and Brenda Barton

LD 8 – Frank Pratt and TJ Shope

LD 10 – Bruce Wheeler 

LD 11 – Vince Leach

LD 12 – Andy Biggs and Eddie Farnsworth 

LD 13 – Don Shooter

LD 14 – Gail Griffin and David Gowan 

LD 15 – Heather Carter

LD 16 – Taylor McArthur

LD 17 – Steve Yarbrough, JD Mesnard and Jeff Weninger

LD 18 – Jeff Dial and Bob Robson 

LD 19 – Lupe Contreras, Mark Cardenas and Diego Espinoza 

LD 20 – Kimberly Yee and Paul Boyer

LD 21 – Debbie Lesko, Rick Gray and Tony Rivero

LD 22 – David Livingston and Phil Lovas

LD 23 – John Kavanagh 

LD 24 – Katie Hobbs and Lela Alston

LD 25 – Rusty Bowers and Justin Olson 

LD 27 – Catherine Miranda, Marcelino Quinonez and Rebecca Rios

LD 28 – Adam Driggs and Kate Brophy-McGee 

LD 29 – Richard Andrade

LD 30 – Robert Meza

Primary election early ballot voting begins July 31.  The primary election itself is on August 26.

General election early ballot voting begins October 9.  The general election itself is on November 4.

Don’t recall what Legislative District you live in?  Search here.