Antitrust Compliance Policy

The Arizona Petroleum Marketers Association (“APMA”) has an Antitrust Compliance Policy which applies to all officers, directors, employees and committees of APMA.  The policy requires that we fully comply with all applicable federal and state antitrust laws in all dealings on behalf of APMA.  APMA shall not be used by any officer, director, employee, committee or member for any anti-competitive or unlawful purpose, or unreasonable restraint of trade.  Conduct expressly prohibited includes the following:

a. Any discussion of effort to directly or indirectly fix, peg, stabilize, raise, lower or affect prices on products, advertising, freight or credit terms.

b. Discussions of prices or price levels are prohibited. (This limitation shall not extend to discussions of methods of operation, maintenance, and similar matters in which cost or efficiency is merely incidental.)

c. Any discussion or effort with any member, nonmember or competitor to not compete, or to divide or allocate territories or customers, or to limit the nature of business carried on or products sold or to be sold.

d. Any discussions or effort to engage in any group boycott or concerted refusals to deal.

e. Any discussions or effort to injure or disparage the business or trade of anyone.

If a topic is raised which appears to involve a violation of the Antitrust Compliance Policy, anyone in attendance has the right to interrupt and request the discussion be stopped.  Those in charge of the meeting are responsible to see that the policy is enforced and that prohibited conduct is stopped.  If prohibited conduct persists, the meeting will be canceled and the matter referred to the President and/or APMA legal counsel for further action to assure compliance with APMA’s Antitrust Compliance Policy.