The Arizona Petroleum Marketers Association (APMA) was formed in 1967 to serve the common regulatory, legislative, and educational needs of businesses engaged in the distribution of wholesale fuel, retail fuel, and lube oils. Concerned business owners realized more could be accomplished by working together than individually.

Our members are leaders in the industry. Through the past 45 years they have successfully met the challenges of evolving marketing concepts and endured extensive changes in state and federal regulations. The ability of the association’s leadership to recognize the ever-evolving nature of their industry and their willingness to change along with it are responsible in large part for the continued success of the organization.

One of the largest state trade associations of its kind, this 120+ member organization represents petroleum marketers and operators who own, operate, or supply approximately 850 service stations and other retail motor fuel outlets in Arizona. Collectively, these petroleum marketers supply billions of gallons of fuel and tons of related products annually to Arizonans. These businesses provide fuel and lubricants to the vast majority of commercial end users, including farmers, construction firms, and local and state governments. In addition, APMA associate members represent all of the diverse fields associated with the petroleum distribution system and convenience store industry.


The Arizona Petroleum Marketers Association (APMA) is a non-profit trade association with 120+ members distributing petroleum products through 850+ locations across the state of Arizona.

APMA Board of Directors

APMA Bylaws


APMA’s primary purpose is to protect and advance its members’ legislative and regulatory interests in the state’s and nation’s Capitols. APMA’s secondary purpose is to provide members with business, educational and social functions, including the annual conference, two golf tournaments, monthly luncheon meetings and various committees.


Encourage members to be actively engaged in association activities and legislative grassroots efforts.

Provide resources for education, training, and the exchange of ideas.

Encourage members to maintain high business ethics and a positive image for the industry.

Advise and educate membership to enable them to run their businesses effectively and profitably.


Over 1.9 billion gallons of fuel distributed annually

Over 4,500 employees statewide

Bulk storage plants (USTs, ASTs, and loading racks)

Card locks, convenience stores, and truck stops

Petroleum terminals and transmix refining facilities

Auto & truck repair shops

Varied businesses serving the Arizona petroleum industry

Contact Information

The APMA leadership is committed to remaining open and accessible to our members, prospective members, industry affiliates, and other interested parties. That begins with your being able to contact us.

APMA is staffed by its Executive Director, Amanda Gray.

Amanda Gray

Amanda Gray






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Mailing Address:

Arizona Petroleum Marketers Association (APMA)

P.O. Box 44536

Phoenix, AZ 85064-4536

Business hours

Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 4:30 PM (excluding federal and state holidays)


Active APMA Committees:
Legislative Committee

Bill Champlin (Chair), Mark Ellery (Vice Chair), Bill Bunch, Brian Wiegert, Cameron Trejo, Dave Alexander, David Armstrong, Jason Davis, Jess Miller, John Kennedy, Jon Trejo, Leland Gould, Lynn Niewiadomski, Mike Mathers, Ron Gilley, Russ Kinzig, Sally Voyles, Troy Little, Warren Lueth

UST Subcommittee

Troy Little (Chair), Bill Bunch, Bill Champlin, Bill Havard, Brian Wiegert, Cameron Trejo, Doug Bowers, James Marker, Jon Trejo, John Kennedy, Leland Gould, Roger Burton, Richard Wright, Sally Voyles, Warren Lueth

Safety Committee

Apryl Erekson (Chair), Blane Moore, Josh Wall, Kevin Bennett, Nick Herbert, Stephen Austin, Brian Cook, John Smith

2016 Golf Committee

Tyler Herzog (Chair), Michelle Bloom, Nick Herbert, Stephen Austin, Brandon Hickey

Association Development Committee 

Dave Alexander, Steve Kornman, Bill Champlin, Jason Davis

If you would like to join a committee, please contact APMA.


Executive Committee

Jason Davis, Michelle Bloom, Bill Champlin, Dave Alexander, Warren Lueth, Lenora Nelson

APMA Scholarship Foundation Trustees

Dave Alexander (President), Bill Aust (Treasurer), Amanda Gray (Secretary), Craig Cardon, Lenora Nelson


Bill Champlin, Jason Davis, Troy Little, Amanda Gray