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New Underground Storage Tank Program Enacted during 2015 Legislative Session!


Over the past several years, APMA has fought for an important piece of legislation for the industry - the creation of a new and improved Underground Storage Tank program.  In 2015, the Arizona Legislature passed and Governor Ducey signed HB2636 which includes continuation of the penny per gallon Underground Storage Tank throughput fee, creation of a new and improved UST Program and payment of time barred claims for reimbursement made by responsible owners and operators.

The new program, which begins January 1, 2016, extends the penny UST fee until 2024, creates a preapproval and new reimbursement process for future claims, provides a one-time opportunity for reimbursement of time barred claims, gives owners and operators the option of conducting a baseline assessment on their sites, provides grants for tank pulls, baselines and release investigations and ensures ADEQ is adequately funded to do inspections and clean ups for orphan sites.  

Many thanks to bill sponsor Representative Rusty Bowers, UST study committee chairs Senator Don Shooter and Representative Karen Fann, ADEQ Director Henry Darwin and his staff, legal expert John Pearce, lobbyists Janna Day, Ryan O'Daniel and Mike Williams and Governor Ducey and his staff!


APMA drafted this UST Program Brief and will be hosting UST Workshops in September in Tucson and October in Phoenix.  To become an APMA member or learn more about implementation of the new program, contact APMA Staff. 





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